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The timeline for the Arrowverse can be a bit labyrinthine, considering that storylines are often inserted retroactively and operate in completely separate universes – until they don’t. For example, Black Lightning is completely separate from the Arrowverse for the first two seasons but then gets an overhaul and pops into it. The timeline presented is in release order, not storyline chronological order.

There are several instances of small crossover episodes as the Arrowverse expanded. In “Duet,” The Flash teams up with Supergirl to defeat the Music Meister. There are instances of other characters participating in the main story for a few episodes as well. The Atom guests for a few episodes of Arrow and The Flash prior to going full-time in Legends of Tomorrow. There is also a pair of web-series, “Vixen” and “The Freedom Fighters: The Ray.” These are each touched on through the timeline but not covered here.

The major crossover spectaculars are the highlights of the Arrowverse. The focus here is to present the information at a quick glance in release order. This is not the end-all descriptor for the Arrowverse. It is far too complex and intricate to cover in a short article.

What is the Arrowverse?

The Arrowverse is a series of television shows based on DC comic characters. It is called the Arrowverse because it ultimately started with “Arrow.” From there, spin-offs developed all on their own, including The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and eventually Batwoman, as well as Black Lightning.

The graphic shows release seasons on an annual schedule. The information presented covers a mile-high overview and really can’t do the series justice. It would take a novel to depict the intricacies the shows provide. A novel, or 6 shows spanning multiple timelines, that is.

Timeline and Crossovers

Infographic - Arrowverse Crossovers and Timeline

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