The Arrowverse Heads to Gotham

Star City Meets Gotham City

Arrow star Stephen Amell announced the latest Arrowverse crossover event features Batwoman and Gotham City. During TV upfronts, the star confirmed the event, location, and characters involved. 

Into the Arrowverse

The Arrowverse Heads To Gotham

Arrow is one of TV’s most popular shows. They just ended their sixth season, spawned at least two spin-offs, and helped save Supergirl. To many, they are DC’s strongest media property right now. As such, they serve as a hub for the other CW DC shows. Heck, they even describe the larger DC television universe as the “Arrowverse.” It’s a model that proves very lucrative for the network.  

Given Arrow’s popularity, and the Arrowverse’s track record of launching well-received new shows, the series is a launchpad for new CW properties. Usually, the properties debut alongside established characters in a multi-series crossover event. Now, the CW is setting their sights on Gotham.

While doing press for the TV Upfronts, the event where each network presents their returning and canceled shows, Stephen Amell announced Batwoman is coming to Arrow. Furthermore, the citizens of Star City will rub elbows with the fine people of Gotham City. Arrow is no stranger to Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery. However, the show has mainly stayed away from overt references to Gotham or Batman proper. Once, Amell ad-libbed a line about Bruce Wayne, but that’s about it. 

Given the Arrowverse’s tendency to break characters off into new shows, does this mean a Batwoman show is on the way? Time will tell, and the CW is testing the character’s popularity with audiences on Arrow. But, if she proves a fan favorite, don’t be surprised when she has her own show either on the CW or on DC’s upcoming streaming platform. Bringing Gotham into the Arrowverse is a great idea, but with Gotham and a young Alfred Pennyworth show on the way, it might oversaturate the market. Batwoman meets Arrow in early December.

What do you think? More importantly, who should fill Batwoman’s cowl? Let us know!

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