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Artist J. Wichmann to Showcase Thief of Hearts at NY Comic Con

If you happen to be at the New York Comic Con, going on from October 11-14, be sure to stop by artist’s alley to visit J. Wichmann booth. In addition to showcasing pieces from his various projects, he will also be on hand to sell you copies of his self published comic book series, Thief of Hearts.

Thief of Hearts is the story of Tristan Casimir, a young man whose life changes once he met the young thief Annabella. While trying to make a romantic connection to Annabella, she gets kidnapped by an evil wizard. Fearing for his fair damsel’s life, he goes on an adventure to rescue her. To aid him, he recruits friends, mercenaries, and enemies.

It is an all ages adventure story filled with romance, intrigue, danger and an Everyman hero trying to rescue the love of his life. It should appeal to readers of both genders.

At the NY Comic Con, J Wichmann will be selling copies of the first issue, if you want to read it, as well as three variants for issue 2. The regular cover, an extra virgin topless variant, and a “My Fair Thief” comicmarket limited variant.

For more info about New York Comic Con, visit their website

To see more of J. Wichmann, visit his art gallery at or you can connect with him on Facebook: and twitter: @studiojcomics

Thief of Hearts Issue 2
In Chapter 2 “Thick as Thieves”…
Picking up directly after the events of last issue, King Raimundo braces the Sapphire Kingdom as an unknown army descends upon them, and where the hell is Lord Orfio?
Next, Tristan discovers the identity of the mysterious thief girl who attacked him. How is she tied to his past?
Finally in Chapter 3 “A Thief Came to Dance”… enter Lord Vasuman!

The adventure continues with two huge chapters in Thief of Hearts Issue 2, coming in October 2012 from J. Wichmann and Studio J Comics… Be Prepared!

34 Pages. Full Color
Thief of Hearts Issue 2
Written and penciled by J. Wichmann
Colors: David Delanty, Oracle


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