Game Review – Ascension: Dawn of Champions

 Ascension is definitely one of the best deck building card games, which is one of my favorite genres of games.  Ascension has definitely changed and added to the genre since it’s beginning, and with the Dawn of Champions expansion, it has further added greatness to it. This is one the stand alone expansions, so no need to buy the base set. B_k-cYjWYAAFvO3

What is new in Dawn of the Champions is you have what are called “champions.” Each player gets one. It may be random or players can choose. The champions are roughly the same, but they focus on each faction. Kor represents the Mechana. Sadranis represents the Void. Dhartha with the Enlightened. Nairi for the Lifebound. My personal favorite is Sadranis of the Void. While the others have great mechanics I like to keep my deck slim and streamlined. These champions though still add to one downside,which is that Mechana keeps to itself for the most part. It’s hard to splash a well-rounded deck with Kor.

Reputation are these tokens that get added to your champion card during the game. They kind of add a feeling of “leveling” through the game. You can play and win without reputation, but it’s good to feel that excitement of getting stronger. When I first played this, I thought the reputation was a dull idea. After playing for a while I found out that I really wanted to get my champion to full power. 


The next new addition to Ascension is an ability called ‘Rally’. I really like this ability because sometimes you can get lucky and score a chain reaction of Rallies. Though the downside is it brings a bit more luck factor to the game and I prefer to win my games on my skill instead of luck, but it can be fun. For some reason when you are in the moment and the chain starts, you can become overly excited. Like winning the Ascension lottery! 

The things about the game that just weren’t my cup of tea were the blandness of the champions and that Rally ended up adding a bit too much luck. If they use this mechanic in a future release I would like to see more variety, like maybe each champion having a unique ability on the champion itself or something of that nature. What is great about this expansion is the feeling of leveling the champions bring. It’s kind of like leveling up in a RPG game. So far the expansion cycles have added their own unique twist to the game and I can’t wait to play the next expansion and tell you how it plays.

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