Author Spotlight – Brindi Quinn

Brindi Quinn


Author Spotlight – Brindi Quinn


Author Spotlight is a new feature Word of the Nerd is trying out. The goal is to help promote indie and lesser known authors. This time around, we are focusing on Brindi Quinn!

Brindi Quinn

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Brindi Quinn is an author from Minnesota who specializes in young adult science fiction and fantasy. Her characters are unique in that they’re not what you’d typically expect, frequently bordering or passing the line into quirky altogether.

She has written multiple series and standalone novels, all featuring a variety of subject matter, which is an impressive feat. It’s not every day you find an author with a wide selection of books to choose from. Or at least, it certainly doesn’t feel like an everyday sort of find.

Her Writing

What I’ve come to love the most about Brindi Quinn’s writing is her expansive worldbuilding.  You can see how much effort she puts into each of the worlds for her books – no two are alike. This is an incredibly hard feat to reach, so I feel like she should get as much credit as possible for it.

I also adore her characters. They all can be most accurately described as quirky, but despite that, they are also very different. I can honestly say that I’ve never quite seen characters like hers before. Even if they come off as a bit off-putting at first, they quickly grow on you as you read. Sometimes it’s their pure drive that makes you fall in love with them, sometimes it’s their naiveté or their quips. One way or another though, you’ll find yourself rooting for them.

Her Books

Most of Brindi Quinn’s novels can be found through the Kindle Unlimited program, however, if you’re a fan of physical books you can order them as well.

Seconds: The Shared Soul Chronicles by Brindi Quinn
Seconds: The Shared Soul Chronicles by Brindi Quinn

The Pursuit of Zillow Stone is a dystopian novel with a dash of romance. It’s similar to the Hunger Games and Divergent, while still being its own entity.

Seconds: The Shared Soul Chronicles is one of Brindi Quinn’s shorter works, comparatively speaking. This one reads a bit more like a steampunk novel, but again with its own flair thrown into the mix.


Sil in a Dark World by Brindi Quinn
Sil in a Dark World by Brindi Quinn

Sil in a Dark World is more of an epic fantasy, though it has a more romantic focus. This book has been labelled as being for ages sixteen and up.

The World Remains is another dystopian novel, but very different from her other works. This one brings into light many of the smaller biases formed from a lack of immersion and explores many concepts. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a book to make you think.


The Death and Romancing of Marley Craw by Brindi Quinn
The Death and Romancing of Marley Craw by Brindi Quinn

The Death and Romancing of Marley Craw start out traumatically but slowly unfolds into an intriguing tale. This one has a lot of life-after-death themes to it, as well as being more romance than some of the others.

Farellah is a four book series. You can either grab them all separately (a good choice if you like the covers) or in one bundle. It’s an epic fantasy, full of magic, adventure, and more.


Lightborn (The Bexley Chronicles #1) by Brindi Quinn

Lightborn (The Bexley Chronicles #1) is the first in what is currently a two book series. It’s an urban fantasy, more or less, and has an adorably quirky main character. The cast is charming and the plot is unique.

The Eternity Duet is actually two books combined into one; EverDare and NeverSleep. It’s a full magic series, with sphinxes, warlocks, and many other mystical creatures all fighting for what they believe in.


If you know of any authors that could use a bit of a promotion, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll look into them!


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