Author Spotlight – Glynn Stewart



Author Spotlight – Glynn Stewart


Glynn Stewart


Glynn Stewart is a science fiction and fantasy author. He takes a unique approach to his series, sometimes blending the two genres into a distinctive new novel. He used to be an accountant, but according to his biography writing successfully liberated him from that career. 

His Writing

Glynn Stewart is one of those incredibly prolific authors. It seems like every time I check out his page there are two to three new books I need to check out. His writing style is refreshing, and all of his series stand out even from each other.

Glynn Stewart writes science fiction, fantasy, and sometimes a blend of both (Starship’s Mage being the notable one there). It leaves the reader with a ton of choices when it comes to what the feel like reading next.

His Series


Starship’s Mage Series – This is the series that made me fall in love with Glynn Stewart’s writing. The series blends science fiction and fantasy. As you can probably guess from the title of the series, it involves mages spending time out in space. Here we have a world (er, universe) where magic and technology work side by side nearly flawlessly. 

Books in the series:
Starship’s Mage: Omnibus (compiles Starship’s Mage: Episode 1, Starship’s Mage: Episode 2, Starship’s Mage: Episode 3, Starship’s Mage: Episode 4, Starship’s Mage: Episode 5)
Hand of Mars
Voice of Mars
Alien Arcana
Judgement of Mars
UnArcana Stars

Side Trilogy:
Interstellar Mage
Agents of Mars


Duchy of Terra Universe – An alien invasion/space opera series. The main character is Captain Annette Bond. The series covers humanity’s desperate yet determined attempts to survive.
Books in the series:
The Terran Privateer
Duchess of Terra
Terra and Imperium

ONSET Universe – It’s a superhero urban fantasy series, which already makes it sound pretty awesome. It’s set in a world where supernatural entities are still a secret to the general public, but all major governments have become aware of them. Those governments, understandably, are very concerned with maintaining the secret, as well as controlling and/or hunting those creatures.
Books in the series:


ONSET: To Serve and Protect
ONSET: My Enemy’s Enemy
ONSET: Blood of the Innocent
ONSET: Stay of Execution

Castle Federation Series – This is a space opera series, it’s also military sci-fi and has a strong transhumanist vibe to it. It’s set in the far future, which shouldn’t be too surprising. The main character for this series is Kyle Robert, whose development we get to watch throughout.
Books in the series:
Space Carrier Avalon
Stellar Fox
Battle Group Avalon
Q-Ship Chameleon
Rimward Stars
Operation Medusa


Vigilante Universe – This series is best described as a near future space adventure. It has pirates and heroes, action and adventure. Basically everything you could ask for in a highly entertaining and fast-paced series.
Books in the series: Bound By Law
Heart of Vengeance
Oath of Vengeance
Bound By Law
Bound By Honor

Changing Blood Universe – This one is another fantasy series, but of course it’s very different from the first. This one focuses more on the fae and that world of supernatural creatures.
Books in the series:
Changling’s Fealty
Hunter’s Oath

Exile Universe – Exile is without a doubt a space opera. It has revolutions, refugees, alien space crafts, terraforming. You name it, it has it.
Ashen Stars


Author Spotlight is a segment run by Word of the Nerd that features different authors. Many of them will be indie or lesser known authors. A few will be authors that we love that we simply feel like deserve more attention! If you have any suggestions for an author to the spotlight, please feel free to leave a comment.


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