Autumn in Nerdville – How Bex Plans to Spend Her Season

Football season has started, the weather has the slightest chill, and there are not multiple movies being released each week that I want to see. It’s fall!

It’s time to take a step back and take a deep breath and then start catching up on everything that we missed in the hustle bustle of summer and also find some new joys to take pleasure in other than some returning favorite TV shows.

In true nerd style, my fantasy football team is named Secret Agent Poyo to the confusion of my fellow non nerd league participants. I vowed to my better half I will learn what the heck is going on in the game this season and spend some days and nights actually paying attention to the game. I have also promised The Nerd that I would knit him a scarf Tom Baker Doctor Who style and I plan on keeping my word. But you can bet that I will be knitting whilst drooling over Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead.  I am a Project Runway fan (so is Felicia Day, don’t judge) and  I made a promise to myself to finally try my hand at sewing clothes; I am thinking my Good Girls Gone Geek partner in crime Proffitt and I need some  Tardis inspired blue dresses. I have also purchased my first bottle of Mod Podge and plan on going decoupage crazy- making collages in my journal, pretty-fying a desk and maybe some even some shoes.

Seeing this picture kind of made me miss the old Who credits where they showed the Doctor’s head at the end. Memories…


With the weather getting colder, it’s also the perfect excuse to stay inside, snuggle up with the cats and a blanket with a glass of beer/wine/tea depending on the mood and watching full seasons of shows I missed getting into in a timely manner like Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, Gossip Girl (don’t judge!) and I’m thinking I want to revisit the original Doctor Who series I haven’t seen in well over 15 years. Well, now I’m feeling less relaxed about fall and more “Oh dear, how am I going to finish all this,read,write, find new music to love, work the day job, keep up with those Winchester brothers, and find those perfect vegan boots?”

Are you as psyched about autumn as I am? What’s on your to do list or catch up with list? Sewing tips for me?

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  • I’m totally in agreement with you about Autumn. It’s that time for us to take a deep breath, enjoy the fall colors on the trees, that slight chill in the air…and catch up on all things “nerd”. Last fall, I did the whole of Twin Peaks (one a week, with friends and dinner) and it really made fall feel special. I have tons of creative projects (oddly enough, one featuring Mod Podge) that I’ve been putting off all summer, and I can’t wait to settle in and start working on them!

    P.S. I miss the Doctor’s face in the credts, too.

    P.P.S. Let me know if you become very adept at and addicted to the knitting of Doctor Who scarves….

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