Avengers 4 Trailer to Drop on December 5?

Avengers: Infinity War


Will We Get A Trailer?


Captain Marvel’s second trailer just dropped but there’s been a bit of speculation on the release date of the highly anticipated Avengers 4 trailer. At the present time, people are still in awe over the second trailer of Captain Marvel. Not only with the kicking an elderly woman scene but also the added scenes that just pushes fans over the edge with excitement. 

Avengers 4: Top Secret

Avengers 3: Infinity Wars is the movie that set the 10th year anniversary of Marvel Cinematic Universe. While it left many in tears, due to many heroic deaths and all, the story is not over, yet. Though many of the fan theories were debunked (such as Captain America dying but it turns out half of the universe does) there were still some spoilers left by artists. Avengers 4, the untitled one, is a top secret production. From scripts to the trailer release and even the title, people don’t know that much.

The only thing we fans know is that Avengers 4 will premiere on May 3, 2019. That is, until now.

Fueled but not confirmed

While the release date of the movie is confirmed, the premiere of its trailer is still unknown. A couple of well-known and trustworthy entertainment reporters took to Twitter to share the good news. The release date was still a speculation until it was fueled by media people. However, there is no word of confirmation from Disney or Marvel. Some of the company’s biggest trailers premiered on Good Morning, America so there’s a bit of anticipation that Avengers 4 will also make its debut there. If that’s the case, then it is a good morning and good night to fans who are still waiting for it. 

I do hope this isn’t a prank for the sake of a marketing scheme. Is it a trailer or a teaser? Not so sure but let’s hope the trailer debuts on December 5. Till then, my fellow Marvel fans! 


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