Avengers EMH Cancellation Rumors Started by One Irate Fan

How far would you go if you hate something? Would you object to it so much that you would spread rumors about it? Would your ire cause the entire community to be pissed off about something else? Well, if you’re one fan, you might go that far.

Last month, the Internet was buzzing with anger and vitriol over the cancellation of Avenger’s Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Any comic book and news site worth its salt ran with it, even ours. But, very few of them practiced enough due diligence and looked into the source. If we had done what Bleeding Cool news did, we would have discovered the dubious nature it. I guess that it coming from a print only source should have been a red flag.

Who started it was Nabil, a fan of the previous Spider-man series. When Ultimate Spider-Man was announced, many fans accepted it and moved on. It was not for them, but also not worth getting upset over. However, for Nabil, his ire was so great that he started a little war against Marvel Animation and Joe Quesada .

Every Sunday in April, when Ultimate Spider Man was airing, Nabil would twitter-bomb Joe Quesada’s twitter page with a lot of anger and vitriolic tweets about the quality of the show. After about a month of this, Joe Quesada responded saying that if you do not like it, don’t watch. Also USM is in production for a second season.

Nabil Agreed. Somewhat. Despite his denials, he created, a site devoted to Marvel Animation and gaming news. Look closer, however, and you will see constant digs about the quality of Ultimate Spider-man. While we do not know for certain, there is enough evidence to suggest Nabil owns the site.

Then the following was released:

“The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes won’t be renewed for the 3rd Season. Marvel Animation will present their newly developed series Marvel’s Avengers Assemble in 2013.”


It was picked up all over the Internet at sites like CBR, Oh No They Didn’t, Comic Vine, and many others, including this one. The problem is that this was a made up statement that few chose to question.

Why did the community fell for it? Because it sounded true. If you tell what people know to be the truth for 1-7, when you start lying about 8, 9 and 10, people will assume its true as long as it sounds true. We suspected the Avengers movie would shift the focus from EMH to something similar to the movie. We knew that most Disney projects are never longer than 65 episodes, a few games, 1-3 movies, and merchandise. We also knew that Disney owns Marvel. There was enough truth floating around that any cancellation rumors sounded believable and we fell for it.

For the record, the fact that Avengers EMH has been canceled recently is irrelevant. This time it was an official announcement from Marvel and Disney. It was not caused by a fanboy who hates Ultimate Spider-Man for existing. Being proven right is a cop-out and does not address the fact that Nabil lied and we as a community fell for it.

Basically, this was a mistake in the geek community. Had we questioned it a little more and not blindly follow these rumors, no matter how credible they seem, the anger at Marvel Animation would have dissipated sooner.

About the author

Joseph Furguson


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  • I understand the need to feel culpable for the spreading of fake news, but, honestly, I would never have expected such a move by someone. At the age of 35, I should know better. I’ve seen enough in my life to sully the image of my fellow man, but I consistently have faith in the trustworthiness of others.

    Damn you, Nabil, and others like you that make someone like me look gullible just because I may be an optimist who believes better of humanity.

  • I feel bad that I fell for it too. Like I said, it sounded believable and the community assumed it was true.

    Basic rule of lying: Start with enough truth and when the lies begin, people tend to trust it as long as the lie makes sense.

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