Batgirl Movie Back On With New Writer

Batgirl Movie Gets New Writer

Christina Hodson photo cr. DMZubrzycki
Christina Hodson (photo cr. DMZubrzycki)

The Batgirl film has had some rough times of late. Joss Whedon, who was previously attached to direct and write the film, departed the project. His reason? He couldn’t figure out a story. Since his departure, notable comic scribes Gail Simone and Roxanne Gay offered to write the film. Now it seems Warner Brothers has found a writer.

Christina Hodson, currently the scribe for the Transformers spinoff, Bumblebee, has been tapped to write the Batgirl film. She also wrote the 2017 thriller, Unforgettable. It seems she was tapped for the project as she also helped develop the potential Birds of Prey movie. This means she has already been working with the Barbara Gordon character on that film.

Batgirl for All Seasons

Barbara Gordon has been a mainstay in DC Comics since the 1960s. Technically the second Batgirl (predated by an earlier Batgirl known as Bette Kane), Barbara is the one most people think of for the character. Created initially for the Adam West TV show, played by Yvonne Craig, she became a major supporting character in the comics. The character’s superhero career came to a crashing halt in The Killing Joke. There, the Joker shot and paralyzed Barbara, leaving her on the floor of her father’s house. However, that did not end her career. Barbara came back to the hero community as the hacker/info broker known as Oracle. As a character, she became an inspiration for countless disabled readers. She also led the Birds of Prey, as well as continuing to assist the Bat-family.

In more recent years, and reboots, medical technology restored Barbara’s ability to walk. While controversial, it also allowed the character to don her costume once more for the New 52. De-aged back into her early 20s, Barbara continues to serve as Batgirl to this day. Currently, she leads the Birds of Prey, runs her own tech business, and protects the Burnside district of Gotham City.

The Batgirl film has yet to begin production. Stay tuned to Word of the Nerd for more information.

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