Batman Comics Revealed at SDCC

In room 6DE at the San Diego Convention Center, the Bat-fans of San Diego Comic-Con gathered to hear the latest news regarding the future of the Dark Knight. The panel was hosted by best-selling writer Scott Snyder, Batman writer Tom King, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey writers Julie and Shawna Benson, Detective Comics writer James Tynion IV, Batman editor Mark Doyle, and DC Vice President of Content Strategy John Cunningham.

Batman to Face Both New and Old Enemies

Mark Doyle opened up the panel alongside best-selling writer Scott Snyder, who proceeded to give an in-depth review of his experience writing All-Star Batman, which is set to debut this August. Snyder will be working with a dynamic team in order to explore Batman and several of his nemeses, including the infamous Two-Face.SDCC Batman 1

The first story arc of All-Star Batman, titled “My Own Worst Enemy,” will feature Batman’s two-faced foe, with John Romita Jr. as his illustrator. Snyder stated during the panel, “Everyone hides their real selves from the world,” and Two-Face is the epitome of such a notion. The premise of the arc has Batman moving Harvey Dent upstate, but the villain has more in store for Batman than the Dark Knight may be prepared for. KGBeast, Killer Moth, and Firefly will also appear in the book, Snyder stated. 

Issue #1 of All-Star Batman will hit retailers on August 10.

Batman writer Tom King gave fans an update on “I Am Gotham,” his debut arc featuring Batman’s predicament when he faces a new hero who wishes to save the city from the Dark Knight. King discussed the incredible work of Mikel Janin and David Finch. He also commented on the role of heroes Gotham and Gotham Girl in the story, claiming their creation came from the question, “What hasn’t been done in Batman?”

Batman #3 features the third chapter of “I Am Gotham, “and is on sale now, and Batman #4 will be available on August 3.

Batman Team Books and Crossovers

Writer James Tynion IV provided insight on his debut story for Detective Comics, “Rise of the Batmen.” In this story, Batman and Batwoman create a sort of “bootcamp” to train Spoiler, Red Robin, and Cassandra Cain to effectively protect the city of Gotham.

“The biggest thing that I’ve wanted since I was a kid was a Batman team book—all of the Gotham characters that I loved in one book, fighting as a unit,” Tynion said. “There have been so many Detective stories that have been good, but they’ve been ‘the other Batman comic.’ I wanted to do something about how [Batman] relates to each of the different figures in the family, and the different ways they fight crime.”

Chapter 4 of “Rise of the Batmen” is in the pages of Detective Comics #937, on sale this Wednesday, July 27. 

Co-writers Julie Benson and Shawna Benson gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at their plans for Batgirl, Black Canary, and Huntress in “Who Is Oracle,” the first story arc for Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: Rebirth, which is on sale now.

SDCC Batman 2Mark Doyle said that it was the time for Batgirl to have her own book as well as a team book. “Oracle is a big part of Barbara’s background­—it’s who she was, it’s who she is—and we wanted to get her focused on a mission that would be personal,” Julie Benson said. “Having a team to take down this poseur would be a good way to get into that story, so having that be the focus felt organic to what has already happened in the past.”

Doyle concluded the panel by showing off the latest from the first crossover since Rebirth, “Night of the Monster Men.” Guided by Steve Orlando, known for Supergirl and Midnighter, this crossover will run through September and October. It will bring to the forefront one of Batman’s oldest villains, Dr. Hugo Strange. “He’s one of the first guys to get under Batman’s skin,” Orlando said about Strange, “And we have to do that in a bigger and more exciting way than ever before.”

Chapter 1 of “Night of the Monster Men” will begin in Batman #7, on sale September 21, with chapter 2 in Nightwing #5, on sale September 21, and chapter 3 in Detective Comics #941, on sale September 28.

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