Batman Day Soundtracks

Batman - The Killing Joke


Batman Day Soundtracks


To celebrate one of the most important of holidays for us here are some great Batman Stories with soundtracks that you can play in the background as you celebrate.

Batman Earth One

With Batman Earth One Geoff Johns tells a gritty version of Batman’s first year on the job. Complete with him making mistakes and him growing into one of the best crime fighters ever know. You see him taking on corruption from the office of mayor to the lower levels of the police force. Accompanied by Gary Frank’s art it is intense. Especially with the decision the show Batman’s eyes through the cowl, Frank is able to convey emotions that weren’t able to see from the bat before.

Batman – Earth One

While reading this story, it should be accompanied by the soundtrack for The Mask of Zorro. Composed by James Horner. The movie itself also tells a year one story about a vigilante that dresses in black. The music is fast and upbeat to keep up with the sword fights and horse chases. Which translates to syncing up as Batman jumps across rooftops and solves problems with his fists.

Batman The Killing Joke

Probably one of the most famous Batman stories. If not the most famous Joker story, The Killing Joke is intense. So intense that the animated film adaptation had to be given an R-rating. A story that details a version of the Clown Prince’s origin, the writing done by Alan Moore and the art by Brian Bolland can leave the reader feeling strange.

So you want the Stranger Things Vol. One soundtrack. Composed for a show that has strange in the title. Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein use a mixture of synth sounds and beats to get your heart racing. Even with the pounding in your chest, you will still be able to keep engaged with the story.

Batman The Long Halloween

Another look into the Caped Crusader’s early years. Batman The Long Halloween is a story crafted by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Tim Sale that can easily be classified as an epic. A mystery surrounding the Holiday murders woven into a tale that has Batman question his foundation.

It may seem like the next pick is overtly obvious but it still works. Another year one movie in the form of Batman Begins. The soundtrack composed by James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer. You may think that any of Hans Zimmer’s work

on the preceding films, but they don’t. The begins soundtrack reflects his early days and while epic isn’t as bombtastic as the following films. It works into a calm atmosphere so you can enjoy all 13 chapters of the fantastic book.  


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