Batman: Death in the Family to Be Fan Interactive


Batman to Revisit Classic Storyline and Fan Fave Movie

On Tuesday, DC Entertainment announced a new Batman animated film with a twist. The film would be an interactive short feature, where the viewer can decide how the story goes. The film will be a prequel to the fan-favorite Batman: Under the Red Hood, and will explore the “Death in the Family” arc. However, it will also decide, based on viewer choices, how the UTRH storyline changes. This movie, therefore, also serves as an Elseworld to the acclaimed animated film, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Returning Batman Cast for an Interactive Elseworld Spin

Batman: Death in the Family poster
Batman: Death in the Family

This move by DC Entertainment, therefore, requires several returning cast members. Bruce Greenwood (Young Justice, Star Trek) returns to the role of Batman, and John DiMaggio revives his laughter for Joker. Vincent Martella (Phineas and Ferb) returns to the role of young Jason Todd, and seemingly for his adult self as well. Jensen Ackles, who played the adult Jason Todd/Red Hood to much acclaim, does not seem to be returning to the part for this film. Zehra Fezel will play Talia Al Ghul, while Gary Cole does double duty as Two-Face and Commissioner Gordon.

A Package of DC Animated Shorts

This longer short will anchor the anthology of DC Presents Shorts from the past few years. These other shorts include such characters as Sgt. Rock, Death, Phantom Stranger, and Adam Strange. This method of combining a longer short with other short animated films is a callback to the Superman/Shazam compilation disc from a few years back.

The next DC Animated film to land on shelves later this summer will be Man of Tomorrow, a new Superman origin film. It will be followed by Death in the Family in the fall of 2020. 

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