Batman Evolution – Fan Film Starring Eric Gable featuring 87eleven

Eric Gable, actor, MMA trainer and modern day ninja, is working on a project that is gearing up to be an exciting fan film. Batman Evolution will show something many fans have always wanted to see, Batman using his raw fighting skills to take out the bad guys in epic comic book battles brought to real life.

From the comics to the movies, we’ve seen Batman train with elite martial arts masters from all disciplines but typically he fights as more of a brawler. In Detective Comics #599 alone he trains with a Kung-Fu grand master, a Yakuza martial arts assassin and a master of Ninjutsu. This will be a live action depiction of the battles that we have seen in freeze frame on the pages of our comics.

Eric Gable will be playing Batman while stunt team 87eleven will be filling the roles of the evil henchmen. 87eleven has provided weapon, martial arts and stunt training on many films including The Avengers, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and 300. Actor Joel Hebner will be playing Black Mask, who has been confirmed as the villain of the film. 

In Batman Evolution Black Mask challenges Batman to run a gauntlet of goons without his bulletproof cape or gadgets, forcing Batman to rely on his martial arts training. The film will have us tagging along for the transformation of Batman from the traditional 60’s image to the modern “Dark Knight” style.  While this film is sure to be full of intense fighting, we have also been promised what Eric called “Adam West-style fun”.


Filming has begun but so far there’s no word on when this will be released to the public. You can follow the film on Twitter and Facebook (as of this posting Twitter has much more activity than Facebook)  to make sure you don’t miss out on what is looking to be a fan film quite a bit better than most. More often than not, fan films have more in common with a fourth grade Christmas play than an actual movie but Batman Evolution is going to be kind of fan fiction we’d all like to make if we had access to real life ninjas and hardcore stuntmen.

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