The Batman Resumes Filming After COVID Scare

DC Fandome teaser - The Batman (Robert Pattinson)

The Batman Resumes Filming After Star Tests Positive

The Batman has resumed filming in England after a two-week shutdown. Three days after resuming filming due to the COVID-19 pandemic, star Robert Pattinson had tested positive for the virus. This led to the actor’s immediate quarantine. In the interim, it is reported that scenes not involving Pattinson were shot. Any scenes that required Batman were shot with a double.

The Batman title imageThis comes on the heels of a very successful panel at DC FanDome in August. The debut of the first trailer for the film had a massive and positive response. It had the most views of any trailer from the event, far outstripping the trailer for Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League. At the panel, director Matt Reeves he had about 25 percent of the film shot. This delay will not affect the overall release date, according to WB boss Ann Sarnoff. However, the production shutdown for two weeks after a further five months of shutdown has to be slowing down production.

Pattinson seems to have recovered quickly, as social media caught him with his girlfriend in London earlier in the week.Β 

Chaos in Gotham City

With three months of shooting left to go, the Matt Reeves-helmed production can’t risk any more delays. However, due to the pandemic, it is likely another shutdown could occur. It is an issue multiple productions will have to deal with, once film production starts up again. WB is already filming the next Fantastic Beasts film in England, as well. The studio also has the Flash film on standby to begin filming in early 2021. But given the nature of the pandemic, it is likely more films will suffer multiple shutdowns. Until the vast majority of people take this pandemic seriously, it is likely our options for entertainment will become slimmer and slimmer. Movie theaters are already seeing limited attendance despite being open in several areas.

The Batman is scheduled to premiere October 1st, 2021.

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