Batman: The Animated Series Revived as Virtual Reality

Thousands of 90s children all around the world are making jubilant noises. It has happened. Batman: The Animated Series is coming back. And, if possible, it got cooler.

Thanks to a combined effort from Warner Brother’s Blue Ribbon Content, DC Entertainment, and OTOY Inc, fans of the 1992 series can now explore Batman’s world. It’s a revolutionary use of light-rendering technology, creating a fully navigable virtual reality experience. The Batcave itself is a million cubic meters, so this world is going to be big. And, to be honest, the coolest part is how much like the original series it looks.


More images here.

Members from the original production team have been brought on board, including series creator Bruce Timm and writer Paul Dini. Even Kevin Conroy is back to voice Bruceman and Bat Wayne. Crap. I mean Bruce Wayne and Batman.


The release date is ‘this winter,’ which is maddeningly unhelpful since it is still technically winter. They must mean the next winter coming up, because the Oculus Rift tech that supports it won’t be released until the fall of 2015. The upcoming series will also rely on other VR devices like the Samsung GALAXY Gear VR.


Apart from those tidbits, news about this project is vague at best. If writers are being brought on, it seems we can expect plot-based gameplay. But will adventures feature stories from the 1992 series, or original content? Will we play as Batman, or will there be more options? Which characters will be incorporated?


And, most important to me, how large will lady villains feature in this game? Or how about the oft-overlooked Stephanie Brown? (Her costume is in the Batcave Trophy Room, which gives me hope.) The original series offered hefty plotlines to Harley Quinn, Ivy, Catwoman, and other such colorful characters. I would love to see these women incorporated into the game, and with DC’s recent strides toward diversity, I actually have a smidgeon of hope.


Marvel may reign supreme at the box office, but DC is making great choices in other mediums. Between their plethora of TV shows and their innovative use of new technologies, their bold new strategies are keeping them in the race.

I look forward to reliving my childhood when the project launches.

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