Batman: The Animated Series Revived at HBOMax?

Batman: The Animated Series Poised for Revival?

Batman: The Animated Series (or B:TAS, for short) is a beloved cartoon. When it debuted in the early 1990s on the heels of the Tim Burton films, it quickly became a sensation. With its “dark deco” style and an all-star voice cast, it raised the standard of animation. It also has become a generational favorite, whose performers continue to play the parts to this day. With the advent of streaming services and the revivals of popular shows, some fans have clamored for a revival of Batman. Now, they might get their chance.

Batman: The Animated Series posterOn his podcast, Kevin Smith revealed that the powers that be at HBOMax are in talks for a revival of Batman: The Animated Series. According to Smith and his co-hosts, the plans are in the very early stages of discussion. In the light of the Animaniacs and Tiny Toons revivals, this seems like a brilliant idea. The Emmy-winning series, if revived, would arrive, at earliest, in late 2022. This would be just in time for the show’s 30th anniversary. No cast or crew discussions have taken place.



Voices of the Dark Knight

Batman: TAS garnered an Emmy for its bold writing. But it was the voice actors who gained the great acclaim. Kevin Conroy, then a relative newcomer, rose to fame voicing Batman, while Mark Hamill gained a new career when he began voicing Joker. Other voices included Loren Lester (Robin/Nightwing), Bob Hastings (Commissioner Gordon), Richard Moll (Two-Face), John Glover (Riddler), and Ron Perlman (Clayface). Unfortunately, several cast members such as Hastings, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (Alfred), Roddy McDowell (Mad Hatter), John Vernon (Rupert Thorne), and Michael Ansara (Mister Freeze) have since passed. It is still to be seen who will be brought back for this revival, and who would step in to fill some of the gaps. Conroy and Hamill are likely to return to their roles, despite Hamill having “retired” from Joker repeatedly.

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