Review- Batman TMNT II #2

A Knight in New York – Part 2

Batman and Robin have arrived in New York City in the TMNT Universe for the first time in Batman TMNT II #2, but it may be too late to save the city from Bane’s conquest! In the previous issue, Donnie had opened a portal to Batman’s dimension to learn how to be a better fighter from the Dark Knight, but while doing this he accidentally allowed Bane to enter the TMNT Universe. Bane has now started to gather all the gangs of this New York City under his rule.

Batman TMNT II #2 - Cover Art by Freddie Williams II
Batman TMNT II #2 – Cover Art by Freddie Williams II

Only a week has passed since the mishap and, with Donnie missing, the Turtles are at a loss about this new villain and what happened to their brother. With their combined knowledge, Donnie and Batman get the portal working again, but how will the TMNT clan react to all this being Donnie’s fault? And even with Batman and Robin there to help, can the combined might of the caped crusaders and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles be enough to take down Bane with the Foot Clan under his command?

Batman TMNT II #2 reads really fast to me, and it feels like not a lot happened story-wise. It felt like this issue was stalling or was filler for the rest of the mini-series to get going or to have an extra issue. It was not all bad, I still like how Tynion writes Raphael and Damian’s interactions, and having Splinter and Batman talk is a lot of fun just like in the first meeting. I am not sure what it is, but the story just felt off in Batman TMNT II #2, it was just kind of bland.


Freddie Williams II’s art continues to be stellar, his art is very eye catching and he gives that “hulking” look to all of his characters. He does some really good facial expressions throughout this issue that really help the storytelling and character interactions throughout the issue. Jeremy Colwell’s colors continue to give this series an almost painted like feeling to it. The colors are very bold and really jump off the pages, and I really just love the look of Colwell’s colors; they are very eye-catching and look like nothing else on the shelves. 

I guess one downside would be, I don’t know how big Bane is supposed to be? But Williams draws him insanely massive, and he literally takes up all the pages and panels he is in. It is almost too big, where I feel for the character. Williams’s style does grow on me each issue, but I still wish the Turtles were a little smaller and sleeker than he depicts them.


I can’t say that I really enjoyed Batman TMNT II #2 that much. The story was okay, but it read really fast and it felt like not that much really happened. The art continues to be good; Freddie Williams II definitely has a dynamic style that sets him apart from other artists and is uniquely his own. Maybe it is because I am a Turtle fanboy and I do not really care for Batman or like the Turtles playing second fiddle to him, but this series so far is not keeping me very interested or excited to read it at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, all in all it is a good comic with a great creative team, I just don’t think this second outing of this team up is for me.




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