Batman Vs. Superman Vs. Spider-Man

This year is very much the year of the super hero movie. Years from now I’m sure people will ask –

“Where were you when the Avengers came out?”

But after all the hype has died down for what has to be one of the most eagerly anticipated movies of all time, what do we do?

Anyone who has a taste for comic books, movies, comic book movies, or all three, is awaiting the arrival of the next major adaptation to hit the big screen, and fans are not to be disappointed. Three of the biggest comic book characters ever created are about to get stupidly expensive movies made with them taking the lead. With all of them hoping to get hold of your money and score big at the box office, will any of these movies live up to the hype or will we all be left disappointed?

Amazing Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-Man (3rd July, 2012)

First out of the gate is The Amazing Spider-Man. This movie stands apart from the original Tobey Maguire trilogy and takes a different look at Spidey’s creation story.

While investigating his parent’s disappearance, Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is led to Oscorp labs and right in to the path of Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans). Confrontation ensues between the pair’s alter egos: Connors as The Lizard and Parker as Spider-Man. Parker must find his way to becoming a true hero while working his way through high school and dealing with his first real crush, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone)

The Dark Knight RisesBatman – The Dark Knight Rises (20th July, 2012)

Next up in our trio of the manliest of man men is Batman. The Dark Knight Rises is set to be the third and final film in the Christopher Nolan trilogy and if it’s even half of what the first two movies were, it will not disappoint. But can this new film live up to the legacy that Nolan has created with The Dark Knight?

Set eight years after the events in The Dark Knight saw Batman (Christian Bale) vilified for the crimes of disgraced DA Harvey Dent, a new threat rises to threaten Gotham, Bane (Tom Hardy). Bane and his gang of thugs wreak havoc on the city and Batman is compelled to act. Batman must save the city, defeat the bad guys, change the public’s opinion and deal with the appearance of the mysterious Catwoman (Anne Hathaway).





Man Of SteelSuperman – Man Of Steel (14th June 2013, UK)

We have to wait a little bit longer for our final fella, but will it be worth the wait? Well who knows. Everything released to date on this latest Superman incarnation indicates it will show us nothing new.

Born on the dying planet of Krypton, Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) is sent to Earth by his birth parents to escape the planet’s inevitable destruction. This baby alien, oddly human looking, is discovered and adopted by Martha (Diane Lane) and Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner). Clark finds that Earth’s yellow sun gives him amazing abilities and has to make the decision between using his powers for good or to rule, a decision made all the more difficult by the arrival of another Kryptonian survivor named General Zod (Michael Shannon).


So there we have it. Three massive heroes. Three massive movies. All very different. All with budgets bigger than all of the money we are going to make collectively in our entire lifetimes. But which one are you most looking forward to? More importantly, which are you not?

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