Bay’s Turtles: The Hurting Continues

Well, my fellow TMNT fans…here we are yet again.

For those of you who have been keeping in the loop in regards to the film “reboot” (and I use that word loosely), you will of course be familiar with the news of the film being put on indefinite hiatus because of scripting problems.

Naturally, when I heard about the delay I was beyond pleased because my inner fangirl believed that the studios and everyone else involved with the project finally came to their senses upon being met with all the negative reactions by the fans. My inner fangirl optimistically believed that the scripting problems meant that a complete re-write was being done because those involved in the project actually listened to the many cries of outrage from the plethora of hardcore fans. My inner fangirl dared to hope that the cries of we fans actually meant something.

However…according to this interview with TMNT co-creator and rebooted film supporter Kevin Eastman, we find out that is not the case…

According to Eastman, the delays with the script have nothing to do with rewriting the debacle that is the alien angle, but rather involve making certain that director Jonathan Liebesman can do all the effects that he has planned. Also (and this is what really has me steamed at this particular juncture), the plan is to release the reboot in 2014–within a few days of the franchises 30th anniversary.

Really? I mean REALLY?!

Not only, are the rebooted turtles aliens and not mutants, but the fact that this reboot is being aired within a few days of the franchise’s anniversary is a real slap in the face for the die-hard fans. By releasing this “alleged” reboot in this time frame, it’s as though they’re saying that the turtles we all know, love and grew up with no longer exist. Even Kevin Eastman is guilty of this because he is on board with the changes being made to the franchise that he himself helped create.

“[W]hat they’re doing with the movie is creating its own story, but it has to be true to the source material or we’ll get @#$!-ng murdered. To be blunt.”

This is what makes me want to repeatedly slam my head against a wall. Not only does Eastman know that the fans are angry about what’s being done to the turtles, but he keeps saying that the film stays true to the core story.

I’m sorry…but in WHAT reality is making the turtles aliens instead of mutants–thereby doing away with the core part of the lore–a way of staying true to the core story? Seriously…has Eastman not been reading the IDW reboot that he works on? Because THAT is creating a new story while remaining true to core concepts in the lore.

To paraphrase one of my favorite quotes from a television series…

“Read! Learn how to read the comics that you write!” (50 points to whoever can name the show and the exact quote, and who uttered it.)

Until next time, my friends. Now if you’ll excuse me…the wall is beckoning my head.

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  • It isn’t Bay’s turtles, he is the producer. I don’t think that is sinking into anyone’s head. Also, the turtles have been inadvertently tied to aliens in every incarnation of the ninja turtles through utroms, dimension x, etc.

    • Yes, they have been tied to aliens, but they were not in any way shape or form aliens themselves. That is the point I’m driving at. That, and The fact that Bay (and Eastman to a degree) neither seems to care nor understand WHY so many fans of the franchise are so upset by the changes that will essentially wipe out every aspect of the lore that we have all come to know and love.


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