BBC Supports The New Doctor Who


With equal amounts anticipation and dread circling the fandom over the new Doctor, BBC has stepped in to reinforce support for Jodie Whittaker. According to Entertainment Online, the BBC assured fans that not only was the casting something that has been in the works for a while but also threw full support behind Jodie’s talent and experience. They explained that the concept of the doctor switching gender at regeneration has been canon to the story, and has been on the table for some time. Jodie herself has spoken up, asking fans to not be afraid of her gender, and that she will do right by the role and deliver a great run. 

The Wind-Up And Pitch

I am supportive of the new casting because, WHY NOT!? *smirk* On a more serious note, there is definitive proof that this has been in the works for at least since the 10th Doctor, if not since way before. Going as far back as Classic Who would be a bit of an overload, so let’s take a look at the reboot/continuation episodes instead.

Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor WhoDuring the 10th’s run, when the Ood predicted that Donna Noble would be a doctor, one was never sure exactly what that meant until she took on the Doctor’s powers. She was amazing in the few minutes required for her to assist 10 in saving the world, but the overload was too much for her human mind to handle. We can also include Martha Jones’ role as an actual medical doctor, who then become so immersed into the Doctor’s life that she becomes a doctor and agent for UNIT. a stretch, but a valid one. Fast forward to the 11th’s run, when he regenerated, one of the things he did (along with checking that his hair was ginger or not) was to check for an Adam’s Apple to see if he was a lady this time. Also, the conception of Melody Pond (fondly known as River Song) in the TARDIS during flight gave her Time Lord powers for most of her life until she transferred them to 11 in order to save him. She then continued to research and track his movements and became a constant staple in his story, having appeared at least every regeneration since meeting 10 on her virtual deathbed in Silence In The Library. I think we expect her to show up again with 13. 

Peter Capaldi the 12th Doctor Who

Then with 12, there were several reminders that Time Lords could change genders, both from dialogue spoken by him as well as the existence of Missy, or as we know, the Doctor’s nemesis, the Master (or is it Mistress? I think Master is fairly GN).

In short, not only has this been something that has been in the works for at least the last 5 seasons, but it is also a concept that should be embraced, because the women of Who are always so badass, and having a 13 come back as one in a way pays homage to all the women that have influenced the time travel experience. Jodie Whittaker, good luck and we cannot wait to see what you bring to the TARDIS.

Source: BBC, Entertainment Online

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