Beginners Guide: How to Become a Cosplayer

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One of the many aspects of anime events that give these events a unique flavor is the cosplayers who craft imaginative costumes to wear while attending. Many female cosplayers, in particular, come up with creative ways to promote their favorite anime characters. If you are a girl who loves anime then you may have entertained the idea of doing an anime cosplay yourself, but might be unsure of how to make that happen. Here are a few tips that may help and encourage you to become a cosplayer.

Finding A Character To Cosplay

Beginners Guide: How to Become a Cosplayer
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If you are a woman and have an interest in anime then you have a wide selection of girl anime characters that you can use for inspiration. Do you have a favorite anime that features female characters? This might be a good basis for your first cosplay. If not, then take a look at some of the other anime you have watched and see if any of the characters catch your eye. If you don’t find a character you feel comfortable playing, then it’s time to look further afield. Do some research on anime websites and see what you come across. You may encounter some new anime series that takes your interest as well as finding a character you like.

As a new cosplayer, finding the right character to use in your first anime girl cosplay can be tricky. There are many to choose from. You may want to start by looking at characters that have a similar body type to you, and possibly a similar personality. This will make it easier to create a costume that fits you and works for the character, and it will also make it easier to get into the mindset of the character when you are cosplaying them.

Creating Your Costume

Beginners Guide: How to Become a Cosplayer
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Your first costume as a beginning cosplayer shouldn’t be too elaborate or expensive. You will want to give you a realistic introduction to cosplaying, rather than setting yourself up for disappointment if the costume turns out to be more work than you are able to do or costs more than you are prepared to pay. Look at your existing wardrobe and see if you can use items from it for the cosplay. Do a catalog of items from around your house and see if you can use them to craft add-ons and props for the costume. Browse craft stores and thrift shops in your area for materials and other things you can use.

If you are creating the costume to use at a particular event, then make sure that you check out the rules of the event. Some events may disallow certain materials such as real leather, or certain props such as weapons. Some may have permissive rules on skimpy clothing and some may prefer more family-friendly costumes.

Playing As The Character

Beginners Guide: How to Become a Cosplayer
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Bear in mind that even though you are cosplaying you still need to abide by the rules of the event you are attending. Make sure you acquaint yourself with those rules before you attend. During the event, you will find many people who will want to take a photo of you or with you. Don’t be afraid to say no if the person is a creep or if this is not something you are comfortable with, but remember that the point of the cosplay is to have fun and to share that fun with others. Giving them a photo to take home with them also gives them a reminder of the fun they had.

Becoming a cosplayer is more than just creating and wearing a costume. It’s also about the fun you find in the character you are playing and the series they appear in, along with the community you are making yourself a part of. The fun of it all is the real point, so try to make your first cosplay experience one that you enjoy and want to repeat.


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