Ben Affleck Finally Speaks Out About Leaving Batman Behind


Ben Affleck Finally Gives Us the Reasons for His Leaving

It’s been assumed and known for a while now that Ben Affleck would not be continuing his role as Batman in the movies. However, up until recently the actual reason for his leaving was never actually stated.

The News Until Now

Ben Affleck has taken a step back from Batman

Previously we knew that they were planning on taking a new direction with Batman’s movies. But this raised some chicken and the egg questions. Did Affleck leave because of the new direction, or were they taking a new direction because Affleck left?

Director Matt Reeves had announced that he was going to be taking more of a noir approach to Batman’s character. The end result is that they wanted a slightly younger actor to play the part. Once again, this didn’t tell us much as to why they were moving on. Just that they were.

Ben Affleck’s Reasons

While on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Affleck finally broke his silence on the subject. He admits that he had been aiming to direct the next Batman movie, but struggled to come up with something that felt right. In his words:

“I tried to direct a version of it, worked with a really good screenwriter, but just couldn’t come up with a version, couldn’t crack it. I thought it was time for someone else to take a shot at it. And they’ve got some really good people.”

I have to give credit to Affleck for handing off the project like that. A lot of people wouldn’t be capable of admitting defeat (as evidenced by some of the less-than-stellar movies out in the world).

But this does leave some questions unanswered. We can guess the conclusions, however. If Affleck’s ultimate goal was to direct a Batman movie, and that was no longer a possibility… he may no longer have been willing to act out the role. Another possibility is that when he handed it off to Reeves, Reeves came up with something brilliant, but it ultimately didn’t fit in with Affleck’s role. Either is a distinct possibility, but until Affleck speaks on it further we won’t know for sure.

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