Benedict Cumberbatch Says Star Trek 2 Role is “Iconic”

Brace yourselves, nerds. I’m about to get fangirl all over you.

The beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch has spoken about his mysterious villain role in Star Trek 2 and while it’s still not much to go on, at least it’s different from the usual standard runaround we’re given.

Picture: Rex Features

Because Cumberbatch is getting bored with the same ol’ questions and answers when it comes to Star Trek 2, so he mixed it up a little bit in a new interview.

When it comes to his character:

“I’ll tell you this, it’s iconic and it’s exciting. I’m bored of denying that it’s Khan now, because people keep saying it.”

On the joys of playing the bad guy:

“Really, really good fun. It’s a great part and it’s really well written. I enjoyed the fights and the stunts, there’s lots of that and it really is proper action movie territory. I went off and did The Hobbit [doing motion-capture and voice work as dragon Smaug and the Necromancer] at the beginning of the job, so I literally came on set, established the look, did a day of filming and then f*cked off to New Zealand for two weeks before coming back. But it’s the stuff of dreams. I know it’s such a well-trodden, clichéd path, ‘Brit actor plays baddie in Hollywood’, but I channeled all of that and just really enjoyed it.”

As you can see, it’s not really what we’d call a straight answer, but he says the role is iconic. Does that mean we’ll know the villain his playing? Is it more to do with his own acting chops? (Which, I’ll say, are completely and totally worthy of accolades; he can sit on a stage for 3 hours and stare into space and I’d still throw my money at him to watch it.)

What say you, nerds? Any new insights to the character possibilities?

Source: blastr

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