The Best Family Board Games


When spending time with family, the best way to enjoy time to the fullest is to play board games. Each player is engaged and an opportunity is there to make awesome memories.

While children should preferably be involved in more physical activities but it is essential for them to be busy in healthy indoor activities. We’ve come up with 5 best board games for families with kids to make sure that you don’t miss out on a fun time.


Enjoy the taste of Real-Estate in the actual world and feel powerful by building property and cash. Up to eight family members can play a game of Monopoly and compete to get as many assets as they can. Players have to purchase the land and build houses and hotels on them to earn as much as rental cash on them. When someone lands on another person’s property he/she has to pay the rent which causes them to lose their money. The player with most assets and cash is declared the winner of the game.


The Best Family Board GamesTwister brings a hell of entertainment to friends and family playing together. A considerably sized mat is placed on the floor containing spots of blue, green, yellow and red. With one moderator, four players can play a game. Players have to place their feet on different spots of the map. A spinner rotated by moderator decides which body part needs to be placed on which color spot. During the course of play, the player has to prevent himself from falling and neither his/her elbow or knee can touch the ground. Last player standing wins the game. The challenge faced by participants is hilarious and one cannot control the laugh.


Scrabble has been now played since decades and the value it provides is still impeccable. Competition of kids with their parents in drawing a word over 7 tiles is quite satisfying. Parents believe it plays an important role in building the thinking skills of their children and enhancing vocabulary. It feels like Scrabble has existed since ages and is regarded as one of the leading board games for families with kids.


The Best Family Board GamesBring out the Detective in you and get ready to solve the mysteries. Players move around the rooms in a mansion and need to reveal who has done what in a specific room. The players have to uncover their opponent cards and reveal out their actions by accusing them through deductions. The cards of the secret file are to be identified and this can only happen when one can deduce the cards possessed by opponents. The players with strong reasoning and critical thinking enjoy this game very much.


Mousetrap comes up with a mixture of adventure, surprise, and joyfulness for kids. Players have to place their mouse simultaneously while building their own mousetrap along the board. You have to make sure your mouse doesn’t get trapped by enemies and you also have to catch theirs. The race is to catch mouse first and prove your trap is the best.

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