Best Minigames For Shorter Sessions


Best Minigames For Shorter Sessions


As much as we love regular video games (spoiler: a lot), we do have problems sometimes when it comes to getting the time to jump in as deep as we would like. That’s an inevitable part of growing older, but at least we aren’t without options. Minigames, or games within games, give us chance for smaller sessions, offering a modest slice which can often pay off big-time in the main game. So what are our favorites?

Blitzball – Final Fantasy X

Probably the most divisive entry on this list, as a very love it or hate it type of entry. Blitzball is sort of like an underwater rugby/soccer game within a floating sphere, and it is just as bizarre as that sounds. A lot of the hatred of this game games from the first forced instance of it being largely scripted and damned difficult to win, but outside of this one case we couldn’t help but fall in love.

More RPG than action sports, as you might expect from Final Fantasy, Blitzball had you making a team from all over Spira, leveling up characters, and taking part in tournaments and exhibition matches for profit. Get far enough and you can even unlock the final piece for Wakka’s ultimate weapon, a, uh, ball.

Casino Games – Fallout New Vegas

The best regarded of the 3D Fallouts, created by Obsidian rather than the team at Bethesda responsible for the ongoing disaster which is Fallout 76. New Vegas contained many great aspects which the others missed, including, but not limited to, a variety of fully-functional casinos. These included slots, blackjack, poker, and breaking into the backroom and lifting chips directly from the pockets of sleeping patrons. Well, maybe that last one wasn’t quite so official.

Even better, players with high luck stats could almost always win at these, meaning an easy way to earn caps which could then be turned into bullets to feed to Caesar’s Legion. Unfortunately, no other modern Fallout games include these games, so for that players are either going to have to boot up an old copy of New Vegas, or try their luck at a real online casino where they can get the details from here.

Project Gotham Racing 2 – Geometry Wars

A rare case of a minigame which was so successful it managed to spinoff into an entirely new game, and then a series. Geometry Wars has a fairly simple concept – survive as long as possible in a neon retro-inspired 2D space while blasting all that get it your way. 

Starting out, this game comes across as a more modern Asteroids, but it quickly escalates to nightmarish bright warzone of explosions, reflexes, and clever planning. At one point holding the record for the most downloaded Xbox Live Arcade Game, Geometry Wars has been in the dark for a little while, but we’re hoping that smartphone gaming’s recent popularity could help shoot it back into the spotlight.

So, what are your favorite minigames, and how disappointed are you that we included Blitzball over Triple Triad in Final Fantasy 8?

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