Best Movies, Musicals and Series Streaming Online in 2020


Most online streaming platforms are running choc-a-block some of the best musicals, documentaries, movies, and series. The world’s changing scenario is more endurable thanks to the wide range of entertainment options available! From captivating documentaries to biopics with modern-day actors, creative musicals to big productions, here’s a list of the best streaming you can binge on in 2020.



The Story of Diana - Best Movies, Musicals and Series Streaming Online in 2020Amy is an overwhelming story about Amy Winehouse, released a few years after her demise. The documentary digs deep into the singer’s life and the reasons that led to her tragic end. It brings to light the long history of substance abuse, eating disorder, and her destructive marriage which instigated her death in 2011. It reflects the dark chapters of her life through exclusive audio and video footage, interviews, and her own lyrics, also presenting her incredible talent and kind spirit.


The Story of Diana is a 2017 release about the people’s Princess. It narrates a tale of resilience, royalty, and the price Lady Diana had to pay to for her fame. With exclusive recordings made for Andrew Morton’s book, interviews with experts, people known to Diana personally and several experts, the documentary describes the events surrounding her life; it also features exclusive conversations with her brother; business tycoon Richard Branson; Prince Charles’ cousin India; and other celebrities like George Clooney, Wayne Sleep, and more.



Cameron Crowe brings Almost Famous, an Academy Award winner for Original Screenplay. It showcases his passion for rock and roll and the story behind how the band culture characterized his life. The movie depicts Crowe’s personal experiences and the chaotic tomfooleries and adventurous lifestyles from the rock-band era.


Academy Award-winning Green Book is inspired by Don Shirley’s (a classical and jazz pianist) true story. Touchingly named after a 20th-century guidebook for African American travelers, the Negro Motorist Green Book, this movie follows the unusual journey of an unlikely pair. It also highlights daily issues of education, race, and sexual orientation amounting to troubles with cops and entry denied into whites-only areas at places where Shirley performed.


Bohemian Rhapsody - Best Movies, Musicals and Series Streaming Online in 2020HBO

A musical drama that reflects on Freddie Mercury’s life and his journey as the lead in the British rock band Queen, the movie Bohemian Rhapsody follows his story from Freddie’s young days all through to his stardom and then his unexpected demise at the age of 45 owing to HIV. The movie delves deep into Freddie’s delicate character and then contrasts it with his passionate stage persona. It also features a re-enactment of Queen’s 1985 Live Aid show. Rami Malek, who portrays Freddie, is amazing in copying his signature moves.

TV Series


A mini-series based on Celeste Ng’s book, Little Fires Everywhere takes place in the ’90s. It highlights uptown conventionality and the motherhood war between the two leads Mia and Elena. The series has a powerful script and some really strong performances by Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. It is an engaging and dramatic watch.


A somber but slick crime drama, Hightown is quite entertaining in its first season. It’s lifted up by the incredible charisma of its lead actor Monica Raymund. It follows one woman’s endeavor to sobriety, eclipsed by an evolving homicide investigation.

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