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We are now officially in that special season. Depending on where you are, the temperature is dropping to the nippy numbers and the foliage is sporting a lovely golden brown. Before we know it, the weather will become frightful and staying inside will be delightful. My point is, you are going to be in one (hopefully) warm place for a long time and you’re going to need entertainment. However, there is no need to fret! We here at Word of the Nerd wouldn’t leave you shivering in your nighties with no sense of direction. I have picked out my personal Best of Netflix Originals to help you keep toasty on those cold nights. So, tuck in and let’s get started!

Magic for Humans

Magic for Humans (Netflix)
Magic for Humans (Netflix)

I am not usually a huge magician fan. However, this show is entertaining in every sense of the word. There are some honestly amazing feats and tricks done. Each trick is so over the top that you are always left guessing how far the next one is going to go. If you are sceptical and don’t believe what you see, Justin Willman by himself makes it worth the watch. Each episode involves a quest to understand an aspect of human nature and, through Willman’s charm and wit, it quickly spirals into hilarity. Magic for Humans is a good time with some (super) light philosophical concepts to chew over.


Aggretsuko (Netflix)
Aggretsuko (Netflix)

Do not be turned away by the art style for this one. Yes, this anime stars a Sanrio character, and everyone is quite cute. However, Aggretsuko is one of the few examples of mature adult comedy without the usual..well..immaturity. Aggretsuko is about Retsuko, a timid raccoon working at a soul-sucking office job. She holds in her frustrations, only showing her true emotions and lashing out during her bouts of Heavy Metal karaoke. What makes this show great is how unbelievably relatable it is. If you have ever been in retail or any sort of difficult job, you find a lot of yourself in Retsuko’s struggles. The cast surrounding Retsuko are not only good characters, but also feel like coworkers you have had before. Because of these details, you end up rooting for Retsuko’s happiness because it feels like you’re rooting for yourself.

Big Mouth

Big Mouth (Netflix)
Big Mouth (Netflix)

Netflix has some good adult animation. However, much like Aggretsuko, Big Mouth takes a different direction than most. Big Mouth is about puberty and how messed up it can be in a surprisingly honest way. Because the subject is about teenagers transitioning into adulthood, there is some gross humor involved. However, unlike Family Guy and some similar shows, the show manages to use the gross humor in a relatable and nice way. When things are gross and weird, it is because puberty is gross and weird. The characters (including the adults) are generally good people and very little of the humor involves malice. With this and the fact that it never gets as depressing as Bojack Horseman (also great show though), Big Mouth is a good palate cleanser and a nostalgic laugh.

Terrace House

Terrace House (Netflix)
Terrace House (Netflix)

This is another odd one for me. The drama of reality tv usual leaves me annoyed and considering whether mankind was a huge mistake. However, Terrace House takes reality tv on a slower and more pleasant path. It is a Japanese show in which six people (three men, three women) live in a single home. The show revolves around the housemates’ romances (which are usually with each other), work, and their daily lives in general. There are no challenges nor odd manipulations. Besides a panel that discusses the events, Terrace House is very hands-off. It is a series focusing on people being people and watching it can be a very zen experience. I am finding that Netflix is becoming my place for lighter and more positive viewing and Terrace House is an excellent example of this.


Lilyhammer (Netflix)
Lilyhammer (Netflix)

Lilyhammer is an early Netflix original. The show is about a New York mob boss who moves to Norway under witness protection. The appeal of the show comes from the clashes of culture as well as the Breaking Bad/Sopranos level of crime dramatics. It can swing from hilarious to suspenseful within a drop of a hat. Though it was cancelled after the third season, it’s a strong series and should be checked out if you like a good mob story.


Sense8 (Netflix)
Sense8 (Netflix)

If you are a sci-fi fan, then Sense8 is a must. This series is about eight people scattered around the world who are suddenly psychically connected. It has incredible strength in characters. Though it starts slow and some of the plot lines can be a bit jumbled, each character is well fleshed out and brings their own to the table. You get a real connection with the cast and the people in their lives, which in turn makes you care about solving the many mysteries that surround them. This series has a huge and passionate cult following for a reason.

And, Cut!

Well, those are my current picks! I hope you find a new obsession in one of these shows. It was hard to pick! Tell us what your favourites are in the comments!

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