The Best Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time


The Best Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time

From encounters with aliens, time travel to futuristic events, it can be said that science fiction films have become quite a significant part of our pop culture consciousness. The unreal seems more real. The universe seems to be smaller. And species are more diverse in this lifetime and beyond.

If sci-fi movies are your cup of tea, here’s a list of the best ones you should check out on OnTVTonight.  So ready you popcorn and pizza, and cozy up on the couch for an exciting sci-fi movie marathon.

The Best Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time

2001: A Space Odyssey

Released in 1968, the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey still carries the same valuable impact more than three decades later. Stanley Kubrick’s film is imaginative and inventive, even if it was filmed at the time of crude special effects. The drama, the plot, the imagery—everything in this film is enthralling. Rightfully earning the Best Visual Effects award at the Oscars.


The Best Sci-Fi Movies Of All TimeDirected by Ridley Scott, the 1979 movie Alien is always a great candidate for any top sci-fi movies list. It tells the story of a crew in a commercial spaceship wherein an alien has been let loose. The winning factor of this movie is the fact the alien remained unseen and elusive. But manages to cause destruction and even death. The film was critically acclaimed and even won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, along with numerous citations and nominations.

Blade Runner

Set in 2019 Los Angeles, another one of Ridley Scott’s most remarkable sci-fi movies, Blade Runner, proves itself as a classic. The story covers the existence of replicants, humans with artificial intelligence, being hunted by blade runners, led by Harrison Ford. The film is all about impactful visual storytelling, complete with rich visual and audio effects, and complicated plot twists. It’s a film made to make you think about what it’s like to be human, leaving a mark that lasts even 35 years later. Expanding from the original movie, the sequel Blade Runner 2049 is another movie we all ought to watch.


Solaris follows the story of a psychologist who was sent to an orbiting space station to investigate the mishaps happening to the scientist there. The crew was dying or suffering from a mental disability, but the lead character, Donatas Bianonis, uncovered some compelling discoveries on his own, including seeing the apparitions of his late wife. Solaris the original movie was released in 1972 and later re-made in 2002, starring George Clooney. Both films are well-received, but the original by Andrei Tarkovsky has more cinematic and human depth in his approach.


The Extra-Terrestrial or E.T. is a 1982 film that is considered by most as a classic in the science-fiction genre. Steven Spielberg’s take on friendship spanning race and galaxies is the core of the movie. E.T. tells the story of an alien who’s left behind on earth and later befriends a 10-year-old boy. The two set off on numerous adventures together, forming a strong and solid emotional bond along the way. Perhaps what sets E.T., apart is that it focused more on the human side of the story, rather than special effects.

The Matrix

The Best Sci-Fi Movies Of All TimeThe Matrix is one of the most popular technology-related sci-fi films you can find in this generation, but it’s a lot more than that. It is also stunningly philosophical, even a little religious. But what makes this film a significant part of this list is that it offered the audience a new take on sci-fi films, namely the “bullet” time effect and “wire-fu” martial arts (these have become Keannu Reeves’ trademark moves). Some movies try to emulate these effects, but the original version of The Matrix remains to be the best one to this day.

Back to the Future

Time travel is a popular concept in science fiction, one that the movie Back to the Future in 1985 has captured very well. It’s so well-received that the movie was followed by two more sequels, one in 1989 and the other in 2015. Back to the Future is not your typical serious, dramatic science fiction film. It is on the funnier and lighter side, filled with comedic mishaps and smart special effects.


Science fiction films have been around for so many decades now, and they’ve evolved with society, technology, and the audience’s tastes. The standards of science fiction movies also rose through the decades. A lot of them are considered classics, and they’ll always be treasures in the movie industry.

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