TV Review: Better Call Saul S01E07 – S01E08

We meet again, Better Call Saul fans!

I apologize for being late with my reviews, but I wasn’t able to sit and watch episodes 7 and 8 until yesterday.  I must confess, I understand why some prefer to wait for the season to be over before they start watching the show.  There’s some comfort in watching one episode right after the other.


Bingo brings the Kettlemans back.  They refuse to admit guilt, and return the embezzled money, though they don’t acknowledge existence of the money at all.  They fire Kim, which makes her lose her office and her chances of  becoming an HHM partner.

However, it’s thanks to the Kettlemans that we get to Mike working on his first task for Saul: locate and retrieve the money so he can talk Mr. and Mrs. “Cuckoo-Bananapants” into taking Kim’s deal with the D.A.  The deal would put Mr. Kettleman in a county facility for 16 months, plus return the 1.6 million dollars in misappropriated funds.



– I love the care and attention Jimmy devotes to his elderly clients, as well as his ridiculous investment in cheap advertising for his target audience. The whole bingo scene was hilarious. The man could make career in the showbiz!

– Mike’s dirty job soundtrack Tune Down by Chris Joss reminds me so much of the Ocean’s trilogy.  Definitely another brilliant song choice!

– Kim refusing Jimmy’s partnership proposal breaks my heart. I hope she doesn’t betray Jimmy’s trust anywhere in the future.

– “Law offices of James M. McGill, how may I direct your call?” was never as painful as it was at the end of this episode, when Jimmy had to postpone his dream. Beautiful scene and wrap-up.



Rico starts by giving viewers a glimpse of Jimmy’s life after Chuck got him out of jail following that ‘Chicago Sunroof’ incident. Chuck literally kept Jimmy under his wing. He made that office boy an HHM! And isn’t it wonderful to learn Jimmy graduated in Law from The University of American Samoa and passed the bar after failing the examination only twice?!  Way to go UAS!

In Rico, we have the brothers McGill to partner up on an elderly scam case.  They tackle Sandpiper Crossing Assisted Living in a case that not only is a gold mine case, but also finally puts the name Jimmy McGill on the map.


– No wonder fame, fortune and windows are so important to Kim. In her early years at HHM her office wasn’t far from looking like Jimmy’s at the back of the Nail Salon, or Harry Potter’s room under the stairs!

– The dumpster scene was a classic and the added phone call crowned it the funniest sequence in the show so far.

– The whole episode was great in regards to Chuck and Jimmy’s relationship, but we’ve been left in a delicate situation here: Chuck is still an HHM partner. Doing something on the side with Jimmy would be fine, if it was small. Is it possible that Hamlin will let a multi-million dollar case pass? I don’t think so. I don’t see Jimmy getting rich and well-known from this case.

– Chuck being able to go outside and realize his ailment might have been all in his head was a great moment! Though it’s unclear whether he was in awe that he didn’t notice the electromagnetic waves, or if he was about to succumb.

 Deadline reported that during a recent packed panel screening of the upcoming ninth episode of Better Call Saul, Vince Gilligan made it clear that BCS will be faithful to canon established by Breaking Bad. “The folks who watch this show, they deserve to be rewarded for their strict… close attention,” Gilligan said. I couldn’t agree more.

Let’s just wait and see what Pimento holds!

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