Beverley Owen Passes Away at 81 Years Old


Original Munsters Cast Member Beverley Owen Passes Away

Beverley Owen is best known for playing Marilyn Munster for the first 13 episodes of the television show The Munsters. Owen passed away at 81 years of age from ovarian cancer on February 21, 2019. She had two daughters, Kate and Polly.


The Munsters (Beverley Owen, center front) - Photo by Gabi Rona - © MPTV
The Munsters (Beverley Owen, center front)
Photo by Gabi Rona – © MPTV

Owen did not have the widest of acting careers. After her short stay on The Munsters she also appeared The Doctors, As the World Turns, Bullet for a Badman, Wagon Train, and Another World. As SYFY Wire reports, she was much more prolific after her acting career, in academia:

“In the 1980s, Owen returned to school to get her master’s in Early American History. By 2001, she was officially retired from the acting business. Nevertheless, she reprised the role of Marilyn for two LEGO-based shorts inspired by The Munsters in 2010 and 2011.”

The Munsters lasted two seasons, from 1964-1966. It was a strange show that featured a Frankenstein’s Monster father whose bride was a vampire. Their son was somehow a werewolf; Grandpa vampire also lived with them. Owen played the black sheep of the family (due to her being normal-looking), their niece, Marilyn Munster. It was a generally wholesome family show with a monster twist to it.


I do remember watching The Munsters during the ’90s on Nick at Night. It is hard for a show like that to not catch my attention. I have always loved weird things like that, even as a kid. NBC did try to reboot The Munsters in 2012, calling the show Mockingbird Lane. It did not get past the pilot stage. If you don’t remember The Munsters you might recognize the opening theme. Tell me after seeing that opening you don’t want to watch at least a few episodes of it! Beverley Owen will be dearly missed by her family and friends.

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