Black Cat and Silver Sable Movie Will Be Split

Black Cat - Silver Sable

Sony’s Spider-Man Universe or Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters (SUMC) announced that a Silver Sable/Black Cat team-up movie was coming soon. News recently broke that the two characters will not be sharing the spotlight together. Instead, Sony is hoping to make two separate movies, one for each character. 

Columbia Pictures President Sanford Panitch told Variety he believed Black Cat was capable of handling a film on her own. There was no mention of when Silver Sable would get her film debut. 

Gina Prince-Bythewood was originally going to write and direct Silver and Black. Since the movie split into two, it is hard to predict what could happen next. It is possible that Prince-Bythewood will no longer be directing either the Silver Sable movie or Black Cat movie. Though if Prince-Bythewood leaves, Sony will most likely find another female director to take over the project.

Why Black Cat First?

Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat
Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat

Black Cat, or Felicia Hardy, is one of Spider-Man’s most well-known criminals/love interests. Fans of the comics or the cartoons will recognize her as being the Catwoman to Spider-Man. She is an on-and-off love interest that blurs the line between good and evil with Spider-Man. 

After the events of The Superior Spider-Man, Dan Slott had her become a gang leader fighting for control of the city. She has not been seen yet within Nick Spencer’s run on the character. 

Black Cat is a character that has been around since 1979. There are plenty of stories with her teaming up with Spider-Man, and her going against Spider-Man as well. Though there are also possibilities for a movie without Spider-Man, seeing as he is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Felicia Hardy is a thief, allowing for a perfectly good heist film to take place. Silver Sable, on the other hand, is not as memorable a character. She has appeared in a variety of media as well, but has never made a real impact. When people think of Spider-Man villains, she is barely remembered, compared to Black Cat and others. 

Sony is trying to make the most money out of every property they can. A Silver Sable and Black Cat movie could have worked, but could also be too much at once. Sony could be trying the Marvel method of introducing one character at a time before crossovers. Another thing to consider is that they want to squeeze as much money as possible out of each character instead of doing two in one. While Silver and Black may not happen now, it could happen in the future. It depends on how successful the Black Cat and Silver Sable movies are. 

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