Blood of Zeus Coming Soon to Netflix

Blood of Zeus (Netflix)

Blood of Zeus Trailer Released Ahead of Series Premiere

Powerhouse Animation Studios, the studio responsible for Netflix’s Castlevania series, released a first look trailer for their upcoming new Greek mythology anime, Blood of Zeus. The anime follows Heron, a commoner living in ancient Greece. He discovers his true identity as the son of Zeus. And his destiny? To save the world from a demonic army.

Blood of Zeus (Netflix) posterMonsters threaten Olympus; the people of Ancient Greece make good on the Titans’ vendetta against the gods. Heron, the son of Zeus, will have to accept his divine destiny and protect the land from plunging into darkness.

Production Details

Brothers Charley and Vlas Parlapanides created Blood of Zeus; they said that “…we wanted to tell a wholly original story set in the beloved world of Greek mythology. We are thankful for such an amazing cast and for such great creative partners… [They] continue to push the envelope and expand the anime genre in a manner we had only dreamed of.”

There is a roster of impressive talent joining the cast—Jason O’Mara, Derek Phillips, and Mamie Gummer, to name a few. It was originally announced as Gods & Heroes in March of 2019, and the trailer dropped ahead of its October 27 premiere.

The trailer promises exciting battles, supernatural powers, and flexes, as well as nail-biting conflicts between mortals and immortals. Fans will be excited to see the studio’s previous anime influence as the animation style is just like Castlevania. The Parlapanides brothers are some of the best in the biz when it comes to traditional “hand-drawn” animation. And when you add a dash of Greek mythology, you have a perfect viewing experience.

The eight-episode first season of Blood of Zeus releases on Netflix on 27 October 2020.

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