Bobbi Morse Goes Brunette

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Now that the second season of Agents of SHIELD has started, promotional material has been flooding in.  From promo images for episodes 2×02 to 2×03, to this preview that was released today, and of course, the first look at Bobbi Morse that was posted at Entertainment Weekly.  In an article that was posted in late August, back when it was announced that Adrianne Palicki would be playing Morse, we found out that she would not be appearing until episode five of the second season.  This promo image of Bobbi was released the day after the season premiere, meaning we still have about a month until we meet the woman who will be becoming Mockingbird.

Episode 2×05 will be titled “Hen in the Wolfhouse.”  EW notes that Morse is “the head of Hydra Security.”  For any non-comics readers, I’d like to clarify that Bobbi Morse never worked for Hydra in the comics.  She was a biology student that did freelance spying for a while before being recruited by SHIELD, but never got anywhere near being the head of security for Hydra.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 7.43.34 PM
A sketch test of Morse’s physical appearance in the comics.

Morse is shown in a red jacket with dark hair, clutching a clipboard to her chest.  It seems that the show wants to make a departure from what her comics image looks like (blonde hair, usually wears blue and white,) or are trying to start with a departure and will eventually incorporate her more familiar look.

Also, small aside: doesn’t it seem kind of counterproductive to only have one head of security? And they listed her as ‘the’ head, instead of ‘a’ head, which implies that she’s the only person doing this job.  This is a global organization, here.  I feel like SHIELD only had one head of security, and look what happened to them!  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, here.  That was in no way a reference to the title of the episode.

It has yet to be seen if they’ll tie in Morse’s storyline in the MCU to Clint Barton’s, as the two were married for a pretty decent amount of time in the comics.  Then Clint died, then he undied, and then the marriage fell apart. Whatever. I don’t think all of that is going to be in Agents of SHIELD.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD airs every Tuesday at 9pm EST.   “A Hen in the Wolfhouse,” premieres on October 21st.


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