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My fellow readers, week four is upon us! It is time to share what we all thought about the novel Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Garhame-Smith. In our current book club design, there are three different ways you can do that, you can share your thoughts and comments on:

  1. Twitter using the hashtag #WOTNbc (my twitter handle is @riverand),
  2. the Word of the Nerd Facebook Page, or
  3. simply share your reactions in the comments on this post here.

Whichever way you decide to share your thoughts about this book, I can’t wait to see what you have to say. Throughout my reading a number of questions have sprouted up, so I am going to lay them out here for you in case there are any you feel inclined to respond to.

History Questions

  1.  Did you do any fact-checking while reading this book? If so, what for and what did you find?
  2. Did you learn anything from Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter?
  3. For the history buffs out there, do you think this book serves as a good “hook” to history for those who might have previously been uninterested?

Literature and Character Questions

  1. What do you think of the idea of vampirism used as a metaphor for slavery, in general?
  2. Do you think the “Abe” in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter rang true of the 19th century Abraham Lincoln president and orator?
  3. What are your opinions about the Henry Sturges character and his role throughout the novel?
  4. What are your opinions about “mashup” books such as this? Have you read them before? Will you read them again?

General Questions

  1. Did the novel turn out the way you expected it to?
  2. Did you like the book and will you (or have you already) recommend it to others?
  3. What scene/section of the novel stands out most to you?
  4. What rating would you give the novel Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter from 1 to 5 nerd stars?


There are so many more questions to ask, but this isn’t a test – it’s a discussion! Start posting your responses and your own questions. Just keep in mind, when you are engaging in discussions with others that everyone has a right to their own opinion; opinions are never right or wrong, they are subjective. If you disagree with someone else, that’s fine. You can even respectfully tell them why you disagree, but there is no need (nor is there much use) in trying to “convince” someone that your opinion is correct.

I’ll be checking in all Thursday and Friday to see what everyone has to say!

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