BOOM! Studios’ Slam! Is Getting an Adaptation

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Slam! Is Heading to HBO Max

It was just announced that BOOM! Studios’ graphic novel series, Slam! is going to be making its way to HBO Max, with the help of Pamela Ribon (co-creator of the comic), Rooster Teeth Studios, BOOM!, and Minnow Mountain.


Slam! #3 (BOOM! Studios) coverSlam! is an iconic BOOM! Studios series following Jennifer Chu and Maise Huff—and their lives in the roller derby. Though there they are better known as Knockout and Ithinka Can. These two best friends have their bonds tested when they both get drafted—for opposing teams.

Pamela Ribon (writer), Veronica Fish (artist), and Marina Julia (artist) all worked together to bring this series to life. The series is probably best known for the dramatic scenes and iconic color palette—which is unforgettable.

Adaptation News

So, the good news is that Slam! is going to be getting an animated adaptation. It makes sense that they’re opting to go the animated route here, as it is best fitted to the series in general. According to the press release, the animation will be a combination of rotoscoped and 3D animation.

Involved in the adaptation you’ll find Craig Staggs and Steph Swope (Minnow Mountain). Also involved is Rooster Teeth Studios (best known for gen:LOCK, Red vs. Blue).

Slam!’s episodes will be a half-hour each, and are all but guaranteed to be fast-paced and even harder-hitting. This is the world of roller derby we’re talking about, after all. No news yet on who will be voicing our leading ladies.

On the bright side, we do know who will be writing the adaptation, and it’s none other than Pamela Ribon herself. She’s not only one of the original creators of the series, but has experienced the life of roller derby for herself (with the LA Derby Dolls).

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