Game of Thrones: Bran is Back and All Grown Up

When we last left Brandon Stark, he’d finally reached the place the Three Eyed Raven had been leading him toward since his fall; the home of the children of the forest. Now he must undergo training to learn how to use his Sight properly. He must also learn to control his abilities as a Warg so he can more readily use the eyes of the ravens and other animals, like summer, to oversee what is happening in the rest of Westeros.

It has been a whole year since last we saw young Bran, most often as a boy confined to his basket upon Hodor’s back. When last we saw him, this is what he looked like:

bran stark thrones

Young, innocent, full of hope Bran Stark, seeking his own fortune, so different from his brothers and sisters. He was mystified by what he found north of the wall, in the caverns where the children of the forest still dwell, their secrets soon to be laid out before him.

This is Bran now:

Bran Thrones
Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly



What a year it’s been for Isaac Hempstead Wright. While we were watching the other Stark children find their way (all except Rickon, of course), little Bran was growing into a man. Now Wright is still just 16, but he has also grown to nearly six feet tall. He’s changed so much in the last year that I’m actually a little concerned about the feel of his story’s continuity. It doesn’t look like it’s been a few months in his life, it looks more like a few years, and the haircut only solidifies that point for me. One way or the other, I’m still more worried about whether they’ll manage to make his story interesting for me than how he looks. Though with his ability to see through the eyes of the Godswood trees and so many Raven’s, it seems it will probably to so intermingled with everyone else’s story line that it, hopefully, won’t even have a chance to feel slow or dull. 

I will leave you with one more picture just for fun; Bran in season 1, precious baby, you still have so long to go.


Bran Stark Season 1 Thrones

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