Breaking Down The Flash Season Five Finale


Fans of the Arrow television universe were treated to the finale of The Flash a few weeks back, and it told us a ton. For starters, there were two major enemies that had to share the spotlight, and we saw what happens with their plans. Next, we got a peek at what the next Crisis may be, as well as what the future holds for the heroes on CW’s superhero shows. Let’s break down The Flash Season Five Finale, and talk about what might be coming up for the hero and his allies.

The Flash Season Finale

Breaking Down The Flash Season Five FinaleThe season five finale of The Flash was telling, and there are a few things that might point to where the show and its counterparts are going. Let’s start with big takeaways from the finale.

Villains Stopped Short

There were two major villains in the fifth season of The Flash. First, Cicada was trying all season to eliminate humanity, and with the Dagger, it looked like that was going to be possible. Metahumans were all in danger as long as that dagger was available to Cicada in the present, but luckily team Flash is able to destroy it. That comes with some caveats, however. The dagger was nullifying the powers of Reverse Flash, played by Tom Cavanagh. As long as the dagger was around, Reverse Flash could not access any sort of superpower. When Team Flash destroys Cicada’s dagger, his powers return. Now, he’s able to fight back against his captors as he awaits execution.

Likewise, Eobard Thawne breaks out of prison and battles Barry and Nora. When the dagger is destroyed, comic book fans might recall another major change that is going to bring to Team Flash. When the dagger is destroyed, it opens a new timeline, and with a new timeline comes the erasing of Nora altogether, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy. Her existence is no more as time is pushed back from 2024 to 2019. This means Nora is gone, and a heartbreaking scene unfolds as Barry and Iris watch their future daughter disappear before their very eyes.

What’s Next for Team Flash?

Breaking Down The Flash Season Five FinaleNora disappearing into nothing is heartbreaking because of the impact she had on Team Flash. Sherloque departs back to his Earth after the defeat of Cicada, and surprisingly, we see Cisco take the cure. Despite Camilla knowing all his powers entailed and the energy and time it would take away from him, she accepted it. He did not, however, and powers were not going to make him who he is. When he takes the cure, he leaves with an uncertain future ahead of him.

It’s not a surprise that Cisco took the cure since the last half of the season has been teasing it out very heavy-handedly. That leaves a huge void for the show moving forward, so it will be interesting to see what comes next for Team Flash.

The Fate of The Flash

Barry is possibly awaiting his destruction. The Crisis that kills the Flash seems closer than ever. Because of the timeline change, that death has been pushed up to now, as opposed to 2024 like previously believed. There are going to need to be a ton of story arcs to connect now to the death of Flash, but it might not be what we think. In fact, the next Crisis will likely look incredibly different thanks to some changes to the Arrowverse.

Changes for the Arrowverse

Breaking Down The Flash Season Five FinaleIt’s likely that two major changes will happen in the Arrowverse. For one, Arrow is set to end after next season’s crossover episode, so that will likely be all for Arrow. That’s crazy, seeing as he’s the one who started this universe, but it looks inevitable as the show ends next year. Also, Batwoman may make an appearance as the series starring Ruby Rose begins next Fall. Her introduction seems inevitable.

Batwoman and Supergirl are likely to play a vital role in the Arrowverse moving forward, and in fact, may become the next focus. If the Flash dies as we have seen in flash-forwards, it seems as if the women of the DC shows on the CW might be up next when it comes to holding the reins to the Arrowverse. No matter what, change is coming to the heroes, and it hopefully brings upon a new, successful run for the CW.

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