Paramount Makes Bad Star Trek Game, Brian Miller Loses Job

Kirk and Spock doing their thing on the cover of Star Trek The Video game
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Paramount Senior Vice President of a bunch of stuff Brian Miller is ending his fourteen-year career at the company because J.J. Abrams’ rebooted Star Trek franchise apparently made for a terrible video game, according to Deadline.

Miller, who will continue his role as Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing Partnerships and Consumer Products (whatever the crap that is), was at the head of developing and also promoting this years-in-the-making game of epic-fail proportions.

Now, having not ever played the game, I cannot personally weigh in on the merits or shortcomings of this game but I do know someone who can.

Now, another person who can has definitely shared an opinion or two on Star Trek The Video Game (with a title like that, I am super-shocked it didn’t win game of the year) is J.J. “Hand In Every Proverbial Movie Franchise Honey Pot” Abrams who, also according to Deadline, decided to pull out of the creative process when the game wasn’t heading in the direction he wanted it to go and went on his merry way to actually go make a Star Trek movie like he was supposed to be doing all along.

Now, according to sources (mostly Deadline and other things that you can Google for yourself, go ahead try, it isn’t hard) there was a quite a bit of buck-passing on all sides. The film crew involved in developing Star Trek The Video Game, and by crew I mean mostly JJ Abrams, complained that the video game developers were difficult to work with. On the flip side,  game developers Digital Extremes allege that Paramount’s bull-in-a-china-store approach (my words not theirs) to getting involved in the video game production process is what turned the game into the hollow, buggy suckfest which we all know and didn’t ever play.

Apparently, Abrams went as far as to blame the impressive (but not impressive enough, apparently) box office numbers that his movie received on this game being so bad. Say what you will about the general crappiness of movie-tie-in video games but that is just plain dumb. I’m gonna cite some anec-data here but I don’t know of a single person who has ever played a movie video game that was so bad they went “Huh, well this heavy-handed and obvious cash-grab that serves as nothing more than hype for a movie I am already going to see which I picked up from The Redbox is SO BAD that I am now going to skip that movie and go see [insert random out of context movie whose genre is so out of place in this context that the juxtaposition makes for some lighthearted humor]”

Swing and a miss, JJ.

The take away here: Brian Miller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Partnerships and Consumer Products and the face of Star Trek The Video Game for Paramount Pictures is leaving his job of fourteen years because he made a super-bad video game.

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