Bryan Singer Still Working On Battlestar Galactica Movie

Is Starbuck a man or a woman?

The answer to that question depends, in the most part, on your age.

If you’re a little older, then you’ll remember Starbuck as a kind of cheap Han Solo who looked remarkably like Face from the A-Team.

If you’re a little younger, then Starbuck to you is an extremely sexy, mid-twenties, blond girl who wears very tight tops. Both full of attitude, both can kick some Cylon ass and both equally as fancyable (although one would have meant a very different lifestyle choice for me).

Starbuck and Starbuck in Starbucks. This picture is magical!

My point is this, although the 1978 and 2004 series are very different, the premise is still very much the same: Cylons come, people get killed, last people get on the Galactica and try to find earth while fending off numerous and weekly Cylon attacks. I don’t imagine many fans, of either series, wouldn’t like to see a big screen adaptation?


Well, you’re in luck.

There has been talk about a movie for quite a while, but things have gone a little quiet recently. Step in IGN with an interview with would be Battlestar director Bryan Singer about what the plan his for the movie and where they are at the minute. And they were nice enough to film it for us. Have a look.


So, if you managed to miss any of those 57 seconds here’s a quick recap:-

Script, Cool.

Fits in well with both different universes.

Developments, recent.

Hope to do it.


And that’s about the length of it. But at least we know for definite that it’s still in the works. More than that, it seems that Singer is very conscious of the differences between the two series and is doing his best to satisfy both sets of fans. It will be very interesting to see what he, and script writer John Orloff, can come up with because you can count on one sure thing- fans of both series will be very precious over this property and if the movie turns out to be trump I imagine both sets of fans will unite in slamming the movie all the way back to the twelve colonies. My fingers are crossed for you Mr Singer.


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