Buzzfeed Wins vs Leidig


Buzzfeed Wins Fake News Legal Battle

So, apparently, Buzzfeed has been in a legal battle against Michael Leidig who according to Variety “the news site had described in a 2015 story as the “King of Bullsh– News.”. Leidig was not super psyched about that headline and attempted to sue Buzzfeed for 11 million dollars. A federal Judge struck this down noting “that he had failed to show that anything in the article was false”.


Leidig owns the news company Central European News Ltd (CEN) and has been at odds with Buzzfeed for a while. Apparently, CEN offered Buzzfeed an article about Microsoft being a part of a corruption scandal in Austria. Buzzfeed didn’t like this as Microsoft holds some big stakes in Buzzfeed. They looked into Leidig and his sources. Stuff happened Leidig published a book Buzz Bottom Feeders: An Insider Look At How BuzzFeed Tried To Destroy A Rival Business. 

Michael Leidig - founder of Central European News launched a US legal action claim against Buzzfeed
Michael Leidig – founder of Central European News launched a US legal action claim against Buzzfeed (Twitter profile)

More things happened between the two throughout the years and now we are here as Leidig attempted to sue Buzzfeed for 11 million dollars and it didn’t work. Also, Variety had this line in its article The BuzzFeed article noted several dubious stories that had been syndicated by CEN, including one about Chinese teenagers who took cabbages for walks to alleviate their loneliness. The story was based on an art show in which Chinese students took cabbages for walks, and embellished with quotes purportedly from a Chinese psychiatrist. BuzzFeed implied that the quotes were made up, which Leidig disputed. So, I guess that made this all worthwhile to look at?

Fake News

That’s about it, what did we learn, um well. I learned that apparently, Buzzfeed does more than making top ten articles and Nickelodeon stars where are they now articles. It has been a long, long time since I have been on Buzzfeed. Apparently, it is a major news source now. So, if you need major hard hitting news. Or you just want to know what Mean Girls Character you are based on sundaesBuzzfeed has everything! Oh and that Michael Leidig is a person. That is something new to me. Oh and Chinese Teenagers walking cabbages, that’s totally true, not fake news! 

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