Captain America: Civil War – Martin Freeman Role Revealed

According to, the role that Martin Freeman played in the upcoming Marvel Studios film Captain America: Civil War has now been revealed to the public. Martin Freeman played the character Everett Ross, who Empire Magazine says was a member of the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre  [sic] (JCTC). The JCTC is the organization in charge of the film’s version of the superhero regulations, here called the “Sokovia Accords.” 

Martin Freeman in Captain America Civil War
Martin Freeman in Captain America Civil War

Everett Ross is a character derived from the comics. Specifically, Everett Ross is a supporting character featured in the Black Panther comics. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ross in the comics works for the United States State Department, often served as the other main protagonist in the Black Panther series, and is a fairly comedic character, who once gave himself the nickname “Emperor of Useless White Boys.” It isn’t clear that the MCU is going to have this character be that out there, since only two movies in the MCU so far (Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man) have had overtly comedic moments. In addition, Captain America: Civil War seems like it’s going to rest firmly in grimdark territory, with the whole friend fighting friend theme, so the odds are likely against this character being particularly funny, especially because he seems to be (at least officially) on the “enforcement” side of things, as a member of a government agency. Since Martin Freeman has experience with both serious and comedic roles, he’s probably going to do well with however far Marvel Studios is comfortable pushing the comedic aspects of the character. The fact that Captain America: Civil War is also the movie debut of Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) is likely not a coincidence. The next question to ask is: “Will Everett Ross appear in the upcoming film with Black Panther as the title character?”

Captain America: Civil War will be in theaters on May 6th, 2016

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