Captain Marvel is Money


Captain Marvel Makes a Big Splash into the MCU

Captain Marvel made her long-awaited debut into the MCU this weekend, and what a weekend it was! Vox reports that Captain Marvel made $153 million domestically over its opening weekend. Globally it’s hauled in $455 million since its release. Those are some huge numbers for an MCU solo film and the hero’s film debut. This puts Captain Marvel in rarefied air in the MCU, usually only held for film sequels or those with Avengers in the title.

Higher, Further, Faster

Captain Marevl origin story
Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

I am happy all the stupid negative stuff floating around online didn’t affect Captain Marvel’s box office appeal. It’s great to see it rise above all that animosity. It is truly another great entry into the MCU. It is fun and an exciting film filled with everything we have come to expect from an MCU film, with some nice twists. The movie has already made a ton of money and does not really have any competition until Shazam! premiers in April. So, who knows what Captain Marvel’s final haul will be, but it is off to an impressive start!

Brie Larson does a wonderful job as Carol Danvers. She is confident and strong but also has this odd quirkiness to her that sets her apart from the rest of the MCU heroes. She also plays phenomenally well against a younger less experienced Nick Fury and lost friend Maria Rambeau. Carol and Fury play like a good buddy-cop film, while the relationship between Maria and Carol brings some much-needed heart to the film. Goose the cat also steals the show. That is not to say it doesn’t have its problems and is perfect. As every film it has its flaws; it does have that same MCU formula, but it also has enough curves and tweaks to make Captain Marvel its own as well. After seeing it I immediately wanted to re-watch it!

Going Forward

Captain Marvel also changes up Marvel Comics history. I am trying to stay away from any major spoilers. But the Kree/Skrull War has a very new and interesting dynamic. It definitely didn’t pan out how I was thinking and sets up some interesting things for the MCU going forward. Also, the character Mar-Vell is drastically different from what comic fans know. It all works well in setting up Carol as a character, and her powers.

Captain Marvel was a blast! My wife took me Saturday morning for my birthday and we both loved the film! It hit all the right notes, it was fun, exciting and inspiring all at the same time. The story also sets up some great things going forward into Avengers: Endgame. It will be very interesting to see how Carol interacts with the rest of the Avengers. Carol and Steve Rogers should have the most in common with their military backgrounds, but will their attitudes clash? What has Carol been up to since she has been gone? There are a ton of questions that we will have to wait to be answered. Before then, make sure you catch Captain Marvel on the big screen and let us know your thoughts.

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