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Captain Marvel Sells Out in the Best Way Possible

Captain Marvel #1 sold out at the distributor level way back in July 2012 and the last issue in this volume is equally as popular, selling out two days after the release. This time, Carol Danvers had a little help from a Jersey City teen destined to be the new Ms. Marvel. In the last page of Captain Marvel #17, Kamala Khan, a Pakistani American girl wearing the iconic lightning bolt of Ms. Marvel, made her comic debut. Ms. Marvel #1 won’t hit stands until February but it seems the public is clamoring to get its hands on her first appearance.

To honor this occasion and nod to the character making it possible, the second print will feature cover art by Adrian Alphona, who will be drawing the new Ms. Marvel series beginning in February 2014, showcasing one of his design sketches for Khan’s Ms. Marvel. The second print will be hitting stores in December.

There has been quite a bit of press surrounding the announcement of this new addition to the Marvel lineup, much of which having to do with Khan’s Muslim faith. If this sellout is any indicator of interest in the character, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ms. Marvel #1 follow a similar path. The book has the opportunity to capitalize on a number of fan bases: those of the devoted “Carol Corps” who have helped support Captain Marvel throughout its short run (it’s due to start with a new #1 in March) and those drawn to books like Young Avengers and Avengers Arena. A teenage hero struggling with identity and acceptance has been the meat and potatoes for Marvel for a long time, from Spider-Man and The X-Men in the early days and including current titles like Wolverine and the X-Men and Young Avengers and this particular addition should be an especially topical title for the publisher.

So look for the second print variation of Captain Marvel #17 at your local comic shop December 11, 2013 and make sure to get a first print of Ms. Marvel #1 in February 2014. In March, Captain Marvel #1 debuts with the titular character joining the ranks of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Captain Marvel #17

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