Captain Marvel: Trailer 2 Tackles Origin Story

Captain Marevl origin story
Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel: Trailer 2 Tackles Origin Story

Captain Marvel continues to take the limelight off of Avengers 4, as the second trailer for the film released this month. With the movie releasing March 8, 2019, there were plenty of easter eggs to hunt and lots more backstory that introduces more of the cosmic world that had been demonstrated in the Guardians films. But what else does it seem like we are getting from the Captain Marvel origin story?

Let’s unpack!

Trailer Mystifies Captain Marvel Origin Story

Right from the beginning, we are given a brief and clever exposition on two alien races that were more background lore in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Captain Marvel explains to Nick Fury, Skrulls are shape-shifting aliens looking to start trouble in Earth. And the Kree are a race of noble alien warrior heroes.

Of course, we get the full context of Captain Marvel punching an old lady from the last trailer; she appears to be a Skrull in disguise. However, the rest of the trailer seems to really highlight how much of an origin story Captain Marvel is turning out to be.

A back-and-forth montage ensues, as Captain Marvel looks to find out the truth of who she really is. Meanwhile, shots of previous foes from the Guardians movies appear, including Ronan the Accuser. Longtime comic-book fans will know that the origin story Captain Marvel looks to tell will have lots of cosmic favorites. The Kree and Skrulls look to be the conflict, as well as how Captain Marvel got involved with Starforce.

A final scene shows the full power of Captain Marvel. There’s no telling what to expect from an origin story of the cosmic Avenger. 

What to Expect From Captain Marvel 

With more story and an interesting expansion into the huge galaxy of the Marvel universe, this may be the new space-opera people want out of the studio, especially with the James Gunn drama still fresh for many fans. 

What’s great is that Brie Larson looks to be having a great time in portraying Captain Marvel. As tiring as an origin story can be for Marvel movies, this one is an important piece to the Avengers 4 puzzle! With so much at stake in Captain Marvel, based on the second trailer, it’s hard not to be invested, even if the CGI and special effects feel less spectacular.

However, the new trailer also made sure to highlight the very important relationship between Captain Marvel and Nick Fury. 

How Big of a Role Does Nick Fury Play? 

There are plenty of theories on what the plot and general premise look to tell. Nicky Fury is clearly a major driving force in the film, especially as S.H.I.E.L.D was a present organization in the 1990s. The best scene from the trailer for me was Nick Fury petting and gushing over Carol Danvers’ cat, Goose (insert reference to whatever that name implies). 

Even with Captain Marvel looking to be the obvious main star of her own origin story, I suspect that Nick Fury will play an even bigger role. With that out of the way, what can we even expect from that Avengers 4 trailer now? 


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