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So, here’s the thing. Sometimes you get a little overbooked and all the things you said you were gonna do don’t necessarily go according to plan. Factor in matters concerning your family and friends, work-related issues (at my real-life job), special projects, and some pretty awesome birthday celebrations and cartoons sort of fall by the wayside in terms of priority. While normally you’d see three separate reviews for the cartoons I regularly watch, I thought it necessary to do a bit of a roundup this time since I’ve at least been able to watch them but probably won’t be able to give them the proper reviews I normally write. Hopefully you nice people will forgive this egregious error and take solace in the fact that next week’s reviews will be better.

With that in mind…

TMNT “The Alien Agenda”TMNT Karai vs Leo

Yet another convergence of the two main subplots occur as Karai and the Foot observe the turtles fighting The Kraang while tracking their movements. Leo, knowing that Karai is watching, takes it upon himself to show off a bit and “save” his brothers all for her benefit. It’s kinda cute seeing love-struck Leo doing what he does best for a girl who he clearly doesn’t understand is bad news. Raph, on the other hand, knows exactly what Karai is and he doesn’t like that his brother is keeping his interactions with Karai a secret from their family. Everything comes to a head when the turtles and April discover that a school project concerning the human genome is actually a front for The Kraang to find and capture April. Their genome project, however, is also a means of collecting DNA from all manner of creature to utilize in their mutagen experiments and when the turtles, Karai, and The Kraang face off, it’s anyone’s guess as to who is helping whom with the creation of…Justin?

Favorite Moments:

  • Baxter trying to help Xever walk
  • Donnie trying to explain DNA to Mikey and giving up in the middle of the sentence
  • “Alright, guys, let’s put Old Mother Hubbard back in her cupboard!” “Dude, it literally hurts to listen to you sometimes.”


Green Lantern: The Animated Series “Babel”Green Lantern TAS Babel

Were you expecting some emotional payoff from last week? Yeah, me neither. After Aya blasted the Interceptor off into space, the ship is low on power along with the rings of our three heroes. The gravitational pull causes the ship to crash on a nearby planet with a methane-heavy atmosphere. The only settlement nearby seems to have an aversion to Green Lanterns and as our heroes run for their lives, their rings lose power. With the power of the rings gone, so goes the universal translator, leaving our boys unable to understand each other. The rest of the episode sees Hal, Kilowog, and Razer trying to run out the clock until the Interceptor is recharged. This involves stealing a vehicle from a merchant of ill repute within the settlement, fighting off a giant monster in gladiatorial combat, and just trying to understand each other by any means necessary. It’s a very welcome comedic episode after the last two weeks.

DC Nation Short: Vibe…again. Yep, these shows are clearly on their way out.

Favorite Moments:

  • Hal should know better than to say, “It couldn’t be any worse.”
  • The universal language of charades
  • Where was Razer keeping all those knives?
  • “What’ve you done to Mother?” That was…awkward


Young Justice “War”Young Justice War

We finally catch up with the mostly core members of The Justice League as they stand trial for the crimes they committed while under the control of The Light. Intergalactic politics being what they are, we learn that The Reach have a bit of a reputation, one that doesn’t sit right with Mongul (voiced by Keith David, a.k.a. Goliath!) who takes it upon himself – with a little convincing from Vandal Savage? – to attack Earth with his planet-sized spaceship, War World. Still playing politics, The Reach utilize their inside scarabs as the remaining members of The Justice League and Young Justice infiltrate War World to shut it down and prevent the destruction of Earth. On the plus side, Mal and Karen (Bumblebee) finally work out their problems…oh, and Blue Beetle totally attacks everybody!

DC Nation Short: Amethyst fights the skeleton of Prince Topaz – he’s a little depressed.

Favorite Moments:

  • Superman literally didn’t understand the tribunal because of a faulty translator
  • War World looks pretty awesome!
  • Hells yeah, Dr. Fate!
  • “Woman, when are you NOT in the middle of a mission!” – probably my favorite line of YJ ever

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