Casting a Middle-Aged Batman Would be a Mistake for Batman vs. Superman

Should WB cast a middle-aged Batman?It has been reported that Warner Bros. will be looking to cast an older Batman for their upcoming 2015 blockbuster. The names of John Hamm, Josh Brolin and Joe Manganiello have been tossed around many blogs and forums throughout the web. Should this rumor be true, then it is possible that this movie will be more highly influenced by the 1986 critically acclaimed graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns which was written by Frank Miller, than we had originally thought.  It was reported last week that Zach Snyder and co. will be consulting with Miller about the movie’s script.

Note that this is indeed all speculation. These are just early rumors, that said, they’re enough to get this writer a little nervous. The fact that Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises had many themes that were influenced by the same graphic novel makes me feel that it is much too soon to see another older Batman on screen.

Batman and Superman are supposed to be the same age, give or take, meaning that the caped crusader should be right around thirty-five years old in this movie. It is imperative That WB and DC  stay true to this because fans would much rather see a Batman in his prime years take on Superman rather than a mid- forty Dark Knight. Also, it would take away from the bond and the friendship that these two characters share in the comics that would translate so well on the big screen.  What Warner Bros. and DC need to do is stop rushing. This is the birth of the DC Cinematic Universe and you can’t throw a middle-aged Batman into chapter one. This is how the timeline should be layed out right now for DC.

1. (2013) Man of Steel, check.Batman and Superman by Jim Lee

2. (2015) Superman meets Batman. The two most famous heroes in the world. Although they may not get along at first, they see the longing for the common good in each other and work together forming a strong friendship that is developed throughout the movie. Use this movie to also introduce an enemy that we may be seeing a lot down the road, like Lex Luthor.

Wonder Woman3. (2017) The introduction of more famous DC characters. Some casual fans may not be privy to the fact that DC does indeed have characters that aren’t Superman and Batman. In fact, there is a certain Amazon princess warrior that has been blatantly ignored for some time now who would give both aforementioned characters a run for their money (in combat and box office earnings). Step three should be a Trinity movie. Wonder Woman should not be relegated to meeting Batman and Superman with the rest of the Justice League. She is their equal and can easily carry the load for an extra movie before the big team up. She is one third of the Trinity and they deserve an exclusive movie. Many people are calling for a solo movie for Wonder Woman before Justice League, I would hold off. Although I would love to see her in a beautiful, Greco-style, mythological solo movie, it would be better to get on to the Justice League movie, because, well  frankly we’ve all been waiting far too long to see it!

4. (2019-2020) Justice League. Finally introduce the rest of the team, probably consisting of the Trinity, the Flash, a green lantern (Hal Jordan or John Stewart), Cyborg, and Aquaman. Introduce a villain that is powerfulJustice League enough to force these heroes to work together as their only salvation. Darkseid, Mongul, Brainiac are all candidates among others. Lex can even be strategically placed in again as he is always meddling in the background.

5. (2020-2022) Solo movies. Have different teams take on three or four of these characters (Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Aquaman) to quickly produce QUALITY and unique movies that will let the audience better understand the man or woman behind the hero. Can you imagine how beautiful they will be able to make Themyscira and Atlantis in 2020?

6. (2022-2024) Justice League 2. Now we are at an optimal time to film a movie that is highly influenced by Frank Miller’s TDKR. The actors will be in their mid forties and it will almost be time to reboot the franchise again (sarcasm). The core plot could be the deterioration of the Justice League or the tension between Batman and Superman, maybe something political (like in TDKR). It should be more of a moral movie than an action movie. Each character should have to answer questions regarding their past battles and future endeavors that will have a great impact on this cinematic universe. Maybe this is all the result of what Lex had been planning over the past few movies. You can have the two actors that we’ve all watched for ten years and grown so attached to battle it out, forcing fans to choose a side, making an impossible decision. The franchise would end on an epic note and there would be chatter about it for the next decade.

None of this can become reality if a middle-aged Batman is cast for 2015.

Of course, this is just a skeleton outline but as a major DC fan, and seeing how much success Marvel is having with great writing and screenplay, I would really love if they took this sort of approach. So let us all hold our breath and hope for the best. It all comes down to 2015.

About the author

Steven DaCorta

Steven is one day looking to be on the other side of this business, but for now he is perfectly content with reviewing and analyzing comics.


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