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Nerd Chic

Fashion Friday: Geek-a-bye Baby

While it may not be considered politically correct to admit it in some circles, the fact remains that babies make perfect customizable accessories...

Nerd Chic

Ice Hockey Jerseys: Geek Style

“A jersey isn’t just a glorified sweater. Or some sweaty uniform that gets worn during a game. Jerseys are much more than that — they’re the tuxedo...

Nerd Chic

Fashion Friday: Console to Closet

It’s no secret anymore: we live in an era where geeks reign supreme.  Gone are the days of geeks fading into the background.  Yup, those days are...

Nerd Chic

Fashionista-Nerd Style

I’m an admitted wanna be fashionista. I appreciate a copy of Vogue as much as I do a GI Joe comic book.  I subscribe to Who What Wear and when...

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