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Toys 'R' Us storefront sign

Toys ‘R’ Us Is Making A Comeback

Toys 'R' Us announced it now wants to “open a new Toys ‘R’ Us branding company that maintains existing global license agreements and can invest and...

ruby slippers - Wizard of Oz - found after 13 years

Dorothy Gets Her Ruby Slippers Back

Thirteen years ago in a land far away, also known as Minnesota, a museum was robbed. The item in question was a pair of ruby slippers from The Wizard...


Certified Fresh Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is a review-aggregate website that focuses on film and television. It was launched in August 1998. Since then it has created a place...


Galaga Live-Action Adaptation, Why?

Robert Orci of 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' fame joins the team of Shadowmachine and The Nuttery Entertainment to produce a 12-part series based on...

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