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Klingon on DuoLingo - Photo Credit: DuoLingo Official Site

Learn Klingon With DuoLingo

DuoLingo is the most popular language learning tool on the planet. The app offered 27 courses for English speakers - until this week. DuoLingo's 28th...

Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter to Get Hollywood Star

Lynda Carter Makes Her Mark on Hollywood Boulevard According to, Lynda Carter is going to get her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame...

The Librarians on TNT

The Librarians Has Been Cancelled

The Librarians has been cancelled at TNT after four seasons and 42 episodes. The Librarians starred Rebecca Romijin, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth...

Luke Cage

Luke Cage Season 2 Gets Release Date

We finally have a release date for when season 2 of Marvel Netflix's Luke Cage is coming back into our lives, and we got it in the best way possible:...

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